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AllPlayer is a multimedia player application that can run almost all media file formats, both video files and audio files. Multimedia is defined from the word multi and media. Multi means many and media means media or intermediaries. Multimedia is a combination of several elements, namely text, graphics, sound, video and animation that produce stunning presentations. 

Multimedia also has a high interactive communication. For computer users, multimedia can be interpreted as computer information that can be presented through audio or video, text, graphics and animation.

AllPlayer which is a popular and well-known powerful multimedia player application that is available on various operating systems from different platforms. Starting from Windows and also available for smartphones or tablets based on Android and iOS. 

But maybe many don't know that apart from being a multimedia player application, this freeware also has other functions that are already integrated in it. With this function, you can take full advantage of it so that you no longer need to install third-party or additional applications in carrying out certain functions.

AllPlayer is the most popular program for playing video files with subtitles, as well as audio files. This software made in Poland is currently popular because it is able to watch movies with subtitles.

Can play all known media formats, has implemented the Live Update function to update the latest codecs when there are problems playing video files. The program will also automatically search for suitable subtitles in all languages.

This application has built-in codecs, so it does not require external codecs. This will be very suitable for those who often do media-streaming, because it will run faster, compared to players that use external codecs (KLight codecs / Win7 codecs)..

Unlike most players, AllPlayer uses DirectX directly, not just an overlay on MediaPlayer, this allows us to play all types of movies. ALLPlayer to play all video and audio formats such as VCD, MP4, MP3, DVD, AVI, MKV, OGM, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, QuickTime, MOV, FLAC, APE, etc..

This program is also integrated with a speech-synthesizer, which allows us to watch subtitle movies with the reader (dubbing). And there are many more features that this software has.

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