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Ares is an open source software sharing program that allows users to share digital files including images, audio, video, software, documents and so on. Sharing files/documents is an activity that is currently often carried out by various people of the world including Indonesians on the internet. And one way to share files/documents on the internet is with a peer to peer sharing format.

Torrent is a download system using peer to peer. Where the file that you download is not only on one server, but from several servers in this world. Where the server here is all the computers that have the file. In torrents there are the terms seeder and leecher.

Seeder is a person or computer that already has the file and is sharing it, the more seeders in the file, the faster the process of downloading the file. While the leecher is the person or computer that performs the process of downloading the file. And one of the peer to peer programs that you can use for free is Ares Galaxy. This file sharing program is good enough for you to use in sharing files/documents on the internet.

Various forms of files/documents can be shared between internet users using this program, such as images, audio-video, software, and many more. This tool has complete features as a place/source for downloads (multiple sources downloads), with integrated audio/video player with playlists, browser, and easy library management on content.

This software also supports BitTorrent protocol and Shoutcast radio stations. In addition, although it is free and open source, it does not contain spyware, adware, mallware, or other software in its installation package.

Now you can easily publish files through Ares peers via peer networks. As a member of a virtual community, you can search and download any files that are owned by other users. The latest version supports the BitTorrent protocol and Shoutcast radio stations. With Ares you can also join chat rooms or host channels and meet new friends.

Some of Ares' features include fast downloading from multiple sources, a more complete library, and a built-in audio/video player.

Download the Latest Ares

  • License: Freeware 
  • Developer: Aresgalaxy's GPL Project
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
Download Ares for Windows Free

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