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AxCrypt 2.1.1629

AxCrypt is a free encryption software that is easy to use.Integrates with Windows Explorer so you can encrypt, compress, view descriptions, wipe and pass passwords on your important folders. Have an important file or folder on your computer that you don't want other people to open? Don't worry, there are applications that can protect your important files or folders by encrypting them. 

With AxCrypt your files or folders will be safe from ignorant hands who want to open or view your important files or folders. You can use this software if there is something on your computer that you don't want others to see, whether it's your financial information, client files, trade secrets or even personal and hobby photos. This Encryption Tool will make it easy for you to encrypt all types of files, ensuring that your sensitive data is safe from the eyes of others.

By using 128-bit AES encryption and SHA-1 algorithms, making files or folders more secure and difficult to crack. Its use is also very easy, after the installation is complete, enter your email to register (if you want to register).

Next, open the folder you want to encrypt then right click and select “AxCrypt” then select “Encrypt”. Fill in the password you want, then repeat the password you entered earlier, then click "OK". After the encryption of the folder or file is complete, it will form a new extension, namely .axx.

Some of the advantages and features of AxCrypt
  • Protect folders with passwords for all files with a very strong encryption code.
  • Right-click integration in Windows Explorer makes AxCrypt very easy to encrypt files in Windows.
  • Double click integration makes it as easy to open, edit and save protected files as it is unprotected files.
  • All features run automatically, no need to configure. Just install it and you can use it right away.
  • AxCrypt encrypts files securely and easily for sending via email and more. Support for automatic decryption so you don't need the AxCrypt program to decrypt.
  • AxCrypt is available in several languages ​​such as English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Polish and Swedish so that users can use these languages.

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