Download Panda Antivirus 21.01.00

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Download Panda Antivirus 21.01.00

Panda Cloud Antivirus is a lightweight tool that protects PCs from viruses, malware and so on. This software is relatively light and fast because it uses the cloud method, where scanning is handled by a remote Collective intelligence server from Panda.

Panda Global Protection is a product of a Spanish company called Panda Security. This company does specialize in creating cyber security solutions (cyber security).  Initially Panda Security focused on making antivirus software only, but now Panda Antivirus has expanded its business line to more sophisticated cyber security services by producing technology to prevent cyber crime.

There are many advantages that you can get by using Cloud Antivirus, including a virus identification database that is always updated regularly and quickly, is very light to use and does not burden computer resources, as well as strong protection in real time.

How Panda Antivirus works is an approach that is widely used by traditional antiviruses, which looks for signs of the presence of viruses using a small fraction of virus code that has been analyzed by antivirus vendors, and has been cataloged according to their type, size, destructiveness and several categories. other.

The detection process is still carried out internally on a PC, notebook or laptop that has the Panda antivirus application installed, but if a file suspected of being infected with a virus is found, the file is sent to Panda Cloud. 

So that by implementing a cloud computing system by Panda, two processes automatically occur simultaneously, namely the process of healing infected files and the process of sending virus type data to the Panda Cloud server.

This anti-virus cloud technology from Panda Antivirus is called Collective Intelligence, where with this technology you are connected to a server that is always updated with a database of new virus variants from around the world. 

Of course this makes your computer safe from attacks by new viruses that always appear every time. This cloud computing technology also makes Panda Cloud Antivirus lightweight, fast and not too burdensome for your Laptop/PC.

When offline, this antivirus can still scan files/folders for virus threats. It's just that when a problem is found, you have to connect it to the internet to send it to the server and solve the problem. This is what makes this antivirus light and fast.

Download the Latest Panda Antivirus

  • License: Freeware 
  • Developer: Panda Worldwide
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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