Download Windows Firewall Control

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Download Windows Firewall Control

Windows Firewall Control is freeware to extend the functionality of the windows firewall and provide quick access to the windows firewall menu. Have you equipped your laptop or computer with an antivirus application? That's not enough. Make sure you also have the Windows Firewall Control application which serves to protect your computer from attacks that come through the network.

The definition of a firewall in simple terms is a computer network security system that serves to protect computers from various types of attacks from outside computers, both LAN and WAN.

Firewall function monitors and controls all incoming and outgoing network traffic that you do based on predefined security rules. In general, a computer firewall is a software program that prevents unauthorized access to or from a private network.

So, a firewall is a tool that can be used to increase the security of computers connected to a network, such as a LAN or the Internet. A firewall is also a comprehensive security section for the network you are using. This application runs in the system tray thus allowing the user to control the firewall easily without having to waste time navigating to a specific part of the firewall.

Windows Firewall Control Features

  • High Filtering.

All outgoing connections are blocked. This setting blocks all radius to connect to and from your computer. With this setting, you are not notified when the Firewall blocks Windows programs, and in the list of allowed programs are ignored..

  • Medium Filters. 

Outgoing connections that don't conform to the rules are blocked. Only programs that allow it can make outgoing connections. If you want to allow a program to communicate through the firewall, you can add it to the list of allowed programs. 

For example, you may not be able to send photos in an instant message until you add an instant messaging program to your list of allowed programs.

  • No Filtering. 

Windows Firewall is turned off. Avoid using this setting unless you have a firewall running on your computer. Disabling Windows Firewall can make your computer (and your network, if you have one) more vulnerable to damage from hackers and software.

Download the Latest Windows Firewall Control

  • License: Freeware 
  • Developer: BiniSoft
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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