How to Install BlueStacks App Player? Here's the Complete Tutorial

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Android is an operating system that is widely used today. This is evidenced by the number of Android smartphones or tablets. Its easy use with various sophisticated features and has many interesting applications makes Android popular with many people.

However, have you ever thought about whether Android applications can be run on a computer or laptop? Of course, I can. You can do this using BlueStacks. Then, what is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is an application that allows you to run various types of Android applications on your computer or laptop. BlueStacks is also said to be an Android emulator, so Android applications that previously couldn't be installed on a computer or laptop can be installed through this BlueStacks App Player.

Actually, BlueStacks has been founded since 2011 by Rosen Sharma. By using BlueStacks, you can install and operate various Android applications, such as BBM, Instagram, Facebook, Games and others on Windows or Mac operating systems. However, to use BlueStacks requires specifications that must be met by the computer or laptop. One of them is that it requires a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.

Because, in general, Android emulators require high enough system resources to run properly. So, if the RAM has specifications below the minimum it will hamper the performance of this BlueStacks application. How to install Bluestacks on your computer?

Therefore, in this article, we will explain ways that can help you install Android applications on your favorite computer or laptop. For that, see the review of the steps on how to install Bluestacks on the following computer.

How to Install BlueStacks App Player

How to Install BlueStacks App Player? Here's the Complete Tutorial

Keep in mind, BlueStacks is an application that can only be operated on Windows or Macintosh operating systems. In addition, BlueStacks is virtual which causes some features in Android that cannot be used, such as the camera.

Before using the BlueStacks application, you must first download and install BlueStacks. Below will be explained about the steps to Download and Install the BlueStacks application on a computer or laptop. You can download directly via the following link. After you download BlueStacks, then follow the installation steps below.

1. Open the BlueStacks app to start the installation process. Wait for the extraction process for the BlueStack file.

2. If User Account Control appears, select Yes to continue.

3. Then a new window will appear as shown in the image below. Press the Install Now button to start the BlueStacks installation.

Install Now

4. Next, the installation process will take a long time according to the condition of your computer.

5. Wait until the installation process is complete. And finally a window appears indicating the installation process is complete, as shown in the picture. Press the Complete button.

Complete button

6. After the BlueStacks installation process is complete, you can use the BlueStacks application.

7. BlueStacks will restart the machine before entering the Home Screen page.

Home Screen page

8. A window will appear as shown below. Select Agree.

. Select Agree

9. You can change the language you want BlueStacks to run in. Here I choose Indonesian. To continue, press the Start button.

I choose Indonesian

10. Then, you are prompted to continue the BlueStacks application using a Google account. Enter your active email. And select Next to continue.

11. Enter the password for the account as shown below. Select Next to enter the next window.

12. If your email and password match, a statement will appear. Press the I Agree button.

I Agree button

13. You can already use various Android applications that you want.

Android applications

However, you still have to install the Android application that is used using BlueStacks as you would on your Android smartphone.

Thus an explanation of the steps for how to Install Bluestacks on a computer or laptop. By using BlueStacks, you can run various Android applications easily and of course the screen size is more satisfied than through a smartphone.

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