Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download

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Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download

Microsoft Office 2007 is a word processing application developed by Microsoft which is designed to run on various OS. Microsoft Office 2007 is a program for doing typing. This application can be used to write documents such as office work or school assignments, papers, theses, novels, and so on. In addition to writing documents, Microsoft Word (MS Word) can also be used to work with tables, write creative text, insert images, and many others.

You need to know, this Microsoft product is no longer getting regular updates. Microsoft and computer technicians will of course recommend the latest versions such as Office 2019, Office 2021, to Microsoft 365. Of course, the latest version is a development from the previous version.

You are still advised to use the latest version because it already has several additional features that are more complete and perfect. In addition, the features and operating system are compatible with today's modern laptops & computers.

However, if you still want to be a loyal Office 2007 user, you can still download & install it on your laptop or computer via the link below. Just like its predecessor, Microsoft Office 2003, Office 2007 is also one of the old office programs that are still very much in demand.

The software is light to run on laptops or old-school computers with low specifications, but already has some fairly modern features that make Microsoft Office 2007 still preferred by Windows users.

Usually MS Office 2007 is an alternative choice for those who want to use office programs with features that are close to the 2010 version but are still light enough to use for devices that are already very old school.

Microsoft recommends that, at a minimum, the computer has a processor running at 500 megahertz to run all versions of Office 2007. Additional applications, such as Office Accounting may require higher CPU power. A 500 megahertz processor is the minimum recommended limit for having a 1000 megahertz or higher CPU.

In addition, to install it will also not require a lot of space on your hard drive, because it only requires at least 1.5GB to 2GB only.

Office 2007 is also very light to use because it only requires at least 256MB of RAM to run this program, so it won't burden your laptop or desktop PC even if you run other programs along with MS Office 2007.

Download the Latest Microsoft Office 2007 SP3

License                        : Trial
Developer                    : Microsoft Corp
Operating System        : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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