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Pale Moon 31.0.0 for Windows, Linux & MacOS

Pale Moon is a customized browser from the FireFox browser. The scripting code is based on FireFox coding which is made simpler and certainly faster for browsing. This browser has an interface that is very similar to Firefox. But the difference is felt when you are browsing, because this program only uses a little memory from our laptop & computer. So this browser is up to 25% faster than Firefox.

Built from Firefox engine aka using Firefox basecode. So it looks not much different from this seasoned browser. Want to install themes, addons or extensions like Firefox, all can be done by this browser. 100% compatible with each other.

For some people, the appearance of Pale Moon may feel exactly or even the same as Firefox. It's true, this browser uses the same engine as Fiefox.

Further performance tuning of the browser is achieved by eliminating Firefox's rarely used functionality, including accessibility features, legacy variable controls, error reporters, ActiveX and Active Scripting. Optimization techniques improve the subjective performance of Pale Moon compared to Firefox

Like Firefox, this browser is open source with the source code under the Mozilla Public License except for parts related to branding. Unlike Firefox, however, binaries can only be distributed under certain conditions.

This application is specially modified to be faster than firefox. It is claimed on the official website that this software is faster than 'the Fox' by consuming small memory resources, of course.
With Pale Moon, you can also install themes, addons and extensions like only the Firefox browser.

Some Features & Advantages of Pale Moon:
  1. Highly optimized for today's latest processors.
  2. Using 100% source of firefox as a secure browser and has been developed for years.
  3. Uses much less memory.
  4. Increase the speed for image pages and processing scripts from the opened web.
  5. Support SVG and canvas.

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