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The Latest Deep Freeze 2022 Free Download

For those of you who have a computer or laptop, you must have experienced a virus attack or experienced program damage. Problems like this of course make you dizzy and may harm you because there are programs that you don't run and even files that can't be opened. Actually, the common solution that is usually chosen is to scan the computer with an antivirus application.

But actually, you can use another way, namely by using an application called Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze is a software made by Faronics which was created with the aim of protecting the operating system and configuration files and returning them to their initial configuration after the computer or laptop restarts.

That is, if your computer or laptop has problems such as a system error, Deep Freeze will return to its original state before restarting.

Advantages and Disadvantages Deep Freeze

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Deep Freeze application? Here's the answer.

1. Pros of Deep Freeze
  • This application helps in preventing the virus when it has started to attack the computer system. Later, the system will automatically restart so that the condition of your computer returns to its initial state.
  • Deep Freeze is an application that fits installed on a computer or laptop that is used by many people. One of them is a computer cafe that is likely to be infected with a virus. That way, the computer will always be maintained and not infected with a virus.
  • If you accidentally make system changes or computer settings, you just have to restart it and the settings will not be saved.
  • Save costs and time because you don't need to do maintenance.

2. Disadvantages of Deep Freeze
  • The Deep Freeze application has a login system. As a result, when you forget your password, the only thing you have to do is reinstall it.
  • If the Deep Freeze condition is on or ON while you save the document, then the document cannot be saved. Therefore, you must turn it off first.
  • The recovery settings will not be active if Deep Freeze is active.
  • Using the Deep Freeze application for a long time can cause computer performance to decrease.

Download the Latest Deep Freeze

In addition, Deep Freeze was found to be effective for removing viruses. So, when your computer or laptop is exposed to a very large number of viruses that cause problems with the operating system, you just have to restart your computer.

After restarting, the virus will automatically disappear and your computer or laptop is in its original condition before being infected with the virus. Thus the information we can provide about the Deep Freeze application. In conclusion, this application is useful for protecting computers from viruses.

However, we recommend that you install this application when the computer is indeed used by many people and is prone to virus infection. Download the latest and free Deep Freeze for Windows via the link below:

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