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Yandex Browser is a simple and easy to use browser. Quickly load web pages with Kaspersky's security features to warn users if they try to access sites that are thought to contain malware.

Yandex is a local search engine originating from Russia. In its place of origin Yandex outperforms Google, because more than 60% of Russians use this search engine. This Russian-made browser uses the WebKit engine which is also the engine in the Safari browser from Apple and Google Chrome from Google.

The advantages of this browser include that all pages you open will be checked by Yandex with Kaspersky Antivirus Cloud. In addition, the bookmarks that appear when you open the News Tab, can directly use the translate feature on the Web that you are currently open.

Yandex presents an attractive look and feel, so users will get a better browsing experience than other browsers. Visiting websites, switching tabs, or even going to settings can be done very quickly. It has a URL bar and a Search bar combined. Not only that, you don't need to change search engines because Yandex Browser already provides Google, Bing and Yahoo in the Search bar.

Yandex also provides a save to protect feature that functions to filter any sites you don't like. Another very useful feature is Adguard AdBlocker, which is a feature that will block all ads on sites that you open automatically.

In addition, another advantage that Yandex Browser has is the turbo feature which functions to speed up the website rendering process, so you can open a website quickly even if the internet connection is slow.

In addition, turbo mode will turn on automatically if the internet connection speed you are using decreases. Web pages open faster thanks to data compression technology, saving time and traffic. Loading speed is increased by reducing the amount of data transferred.

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Yandex Browser  For WIndows, MacOS, iOS & LINUX Free Download

License                        : Freeware 
Developer                    : Yandex LLC 
Operating System        : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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