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Download Inkscape 1.2

Inkscape is a vector graphics editor software similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw or Freehand using the W3C Scalable Vector Graphics standard (SVG) file format. Since 2003 Inkscape is a fork (development) of the Sodipodi project. Sodipodi itself in 1999 was a fork of Gill (Gnome Illustration Application). 

From Sodipodi, Inkscape changed the programming language from C to C++, changed to GTK+ aka gtkmm and implemented the SVG standard. Inkscape also adds new features and interfaces with each of its latest releases at this time.

This image editor is a vector processing software that is Freeware under the GNU GPL license which means it is free to modify, develop, obtain and even sell. The purpose of this application itself is to be a cutting-edge vector processor that supports XML, SVG, and CSS.

For its own features, it doesn't seem to be inferior to similar paid applications such as CorelDraw or Illustrator, and because this application is dedicated to processing files with .svg fotmat, the resulting images are nicer and softer. 

This open source is cross platform so it can run on many operating systems such as Unix, Windows, Mac OS X

Some of the features in Inkscape:
  1. Complete tools for basic objects, such as the pencil tool, pen tool, rectangle tool, polygon tool, and text tool.
  2. Export and import bitmap images (png, jpeg, bmp).
  3. Object copy operation.
  4. The depiction of special objects, such as spirals and 3-dimensional boxes.
  5. Many color choices: By default this program is equipped with a color panel called the Palette which we can see for ourselves when we open the program. The colors that are often used will line up at the beginning and are followed by other colors from light to dark colors.
  6. View Documents: Unlike other software, to view the resulting document file, you need to open the program directly. Inkscape document files can be viewed on the Web Broser Software on your computer because the files generated by Inkscape are SVGs that meet XML standards. so it's not surprising that it can be opened in Web browser software such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Download the Latest Inkscape

  • License: Freeware 
  • Developer: INKSCAPE
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
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