Download IObit Smart Defrag 8.1.0 Build 159

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Download IObit Smart Defrag 7.5 Build 121

IObit Smart Defrag is freeware that functions to defragment your Laptop or PC hard drive, it can defragment 3 times faster than the default Windows defragmenter.

Do you feel the performance of your laptop or computer is slow? Very different from the first time I bought a new computer with now after frequent use. This slow computer problem is indeed natural. This is caused by a messy hard drive. 

You really can't see it. Even if you disassemble the computer, then look at the hard drive, you won't see that it's a mess.

This messy hard drive is caused by a computer that is used repeatedly. That doesn't mean we shouldn't use the computer often. We do not need to reduce the use of our computers. What we need is to tidy up the hard drive.

The cause of slow computer performance is caused by many factors, one of which is a fragmented file on your hard drive that causes slow access to the file. The fragmented disk of course makes the system on your laptop/computer slower and unstable! For that you have to defragment your hard drive regularly by using Disk Defragmenter Software.

Smart Defrag offers a high level of speed and efficiency when defragmenting your hard drive. You can set IObit Smart Defrag to work in the background, keeping your hard disk always working at the most optimal performance.

Key features of Iobit Smart Defrag:
  • Has a high level of speed and efficiency when defragmenting hard disks.
  • Be able to put files that you access frequently in the fastest part of your hard disk so as to improve hard disk performance at its optimal condition.
  • Has an Automatic Defragment feature that works in the background on your PC. Keeps the hard drive free of fragments continuously.
  • Has a Boot Time Defrag feature to defragment files during system boot.
  • Using special technology to keep your hard disk free from fragmentation while maintaining the durability of your hard disk.
  • Can do regular defrag scheduling.

Download the Latest IObit Smart Defrag

  • License: Freeware 
  • Developer: IObit
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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