Download Listary 5.00.2843

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Download Listary 5.00.2843

Listary is software that you can use to find files or folders by typing a few letters contained in the file you are looking for.

Your files are lost? Wait a minute. It could be that the file is not lost, it's just that maybe you forgot to put it where. If you search for it manually, you will definitely get dizzy and immediately make emotions.

If on your computer there are many files and folders, then of course sometimes you will have difficulty finding a file or folder, and Windows Search also cannot provide optimal results, especially if the file or folder you are looking for is in a folder that has many files and folders.

But you can use Listary as a quick way to find the files and folders you want. This application is Freeware for personal use and easy to use. 

After you install it on your laptop/computer, then try to open a folder on your pc, then type a character, then Listary will immediately display a list of files or folders according to the characters you typed.

You can also double-click on the desktop to bring up the Pop Up Listary Menu and then you can browse the displayed menus such as Computer, Recent, Currently open folder and Smart. This software search process is quite fast. In addition, how to use it is also quite easy and not confusing.

Download the Latest Listary

  • License: Freeware 
  • Developer: Bopsoft 
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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