Download Mod Bussid Tourism Bus Evolander SHD Scania

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Download Mod Bussid Tourism Bus Evolander SHD Scania

As usual, this time the admin will share another cool and newest Bussid Mod, I personally just used it recently and this mod is really recommended for you to try. The name is the Evolander SHD Scania Tourism Bus Mod, which includes a bussid livery, so just use it.

When I first wanted to use it, I thought this mod would be hard to run because the size of the bus is really big and it would be uncomfortable to use it for speeding, but in fact it's undeniable!

Yes, this bus mod turns out to be really fast even though it's large, and the size of the mod is light and the speed is that, you know, guys. If you want to play "gliding" or "drag" mode, this bussid mod is just right. This mod was made by the MBS Team which is one of the best and most popular bussid mod developers so there is no need to doubt the quality.

Okay, right away, instead of being curious, here's a screenshot of the scania SHD bussid tourism bus mod display, especially the color of this bus is red and black, so it makes this mod really scary and nice to look at, guys.

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CreditsMBS Team

How to Install and Install MOD BUSSID:

For those of you who don't know how to use or install MOD Bussid, you can see the following tutorial.
  1. Make sure the .MOD file has been downloaded, the format is .bussidvehicle.
  2. After that, just copy and paste the mod file into the Android/BUSSID/Mods/Paste Internal folder here.
  3. After that, open the Indonesian bus simulator game.
  4. Then on the game home page, select the "Garage" menu on the left.
  5. After that, just look for the desired vehicle, if it has been pasted into the folder earlier, the vehicle or mod vehicle should have appeared.
  6. If you have found it, just select "Use".
  7. Done! Very easy right?.
The Indonesian Bus Simulator Game made by Maleo is now indeed one of the TOP Offline APK Game Mods because on the google play store itself it has been downloaded by tens of millions of users, which proves that this game is really cool.

If anyone wants to ask again about the Scania Tourism Bus Bussid Mod above, you can comment below this post. That's all and hopefully useful, don't forget to share too, friend.

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