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Download True Burner 8.2

True Burner is a free burning application that can be used for data back-up needs, ranging from CDs, DVDs and Blurays and supports various data formats, music to video.

The types of storage media at this time are quite diverse and develop from time to time. For now, maybe the flash or hard disk is the storage medium that is most widely used by people. But before the flash or hard disk, people used CD/DVD to store files. Along with the development of the era of storage on CD / DVD is now starting to be abandoned.

To back up files or documents, sometimes we need to save them on good storage media such as CD/DVD. Well, to save our files on a CD or DVD, then we need to burn it (burning) so that the files can be stored on a CD/DVD. To burn a CD or DVD, Windows already includes this feature, but if you want to try more features, you can use additional software.

Here are some general terms related to this that we should understand well.
Burning, which is the process of saving data to the media / disk. It's called burning, because we burn (write data bits) the inner layer of the disc with a laser beam.
  • Session, is the period of time when something happens, here are the files that are added to the disk in one operation
  • Single Session, All files on disk are added in one operation.
  • Multi Session, several Sessions are on disk.

In addition, there is the term ROM (such as CD-ROM), which stands for Read Only Memory, meaning that information stored on disk can only be read.

Some of the main features of True Burner:
  1. Create and burn standard multisession data CD/DVD/Bluray and bootable CD
  2. Create and burn MP3 and DVD Discs – Video
  3. Erase rewritten media
  4. Verify written data
  5. Easy to use, intuitive user interface
  6. Low CPU resource usage during burning process
  7. Free for personal use and non-commercial organizations
  8. Supports CD-R/RW , DVD-R/RW , DVD + R / RW , DVD + R DL , BD-R/RE
  9. Support all kinds of CD/DVD/Blu – ray recorder

Download the Latest True Burner

  • License: Freeware 
  • Developer: Glorylogic 
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
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