Download Windows Server 2022.10.0.20348.1

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Download Windows Server 2022.10.0.20348.1

Windows Server is an operating system for servers developed by Microsoft Corporation, supporting data storage, web and applications. Along with the development of the era and science and technology, various server computer service providers have also emerged. One of the well-known companies in this field is Microsoft, while the brand name issued for its operating system is Windows.

Microsoft first published Windows Server on April 24, 2003. However, even before this, server versions of Windows were available such as Windows NT 4.0 workstations for general use.

This server operating system made by Microsoft is widely used to manage and manage server configurations from devices connected to server computers in a computer network. Able to support the performance and performance of a server computer that has been connected to a network so that the online system runs well.

Even for industry 4.0, information technology has become a mandatory requirement, such as banking, telecommunications, online businesses, service providers and so on, all of which require reliable and sophisticated hardware and software to support their datacenters. Even for certain companies whose technology is only as support, they are starting to pioneer that information technology will one day become strategic and practical in the future.

In general, this OS provides server-oriented services, such as website hosting, resource management for all users and applications, Video Conference/VOIP, messaging, security & authorization and other server-related services. Server operating systems can be used for web servers, database servers, application servers, game servers, and others.

To build IT infrastructure or computer system development, Server Devices are indispensable. It functions as a server or data center to provide services through computer networks, such as storage, server virtualization, networking, access and information protection, and so on. This operating system is often used by large companies for the main server for websites or other cloud-based services. 

In running servers or other cloud purposes, you can also use operating systems other than windows products such as Linux [Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Centos, Almalinux, Rocky Linux], MacOs and so on. However, Microsoft has various advantages with better capabilities than other types of operating systems.

Download the Latest Windows Server

  • License: Trial 
  • Developer: Microsoft Corp
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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