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Download Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.9

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    Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.9
    Ultimate Boot CD is Freeware that can be used to analyze problems and repair computers/laptops. The application package contains more than 100 tools for diagnosis and troubleshooting. Almost every laptop or computer user must have experienced problems with the devices used, both hardware and data (software) problems.

    When is this boot program needed? Of course when your laptop / computer has problems booting. There are actually several causes of this problem, for example, you want to diagnose the application via a bootable CD or floppy disk (even though it is currently very rarely used), or maybe when you want to repair your computer without entering the windows display, and various other problems.

    One program that is very useful and can be used when we need computer access other than Windows is the Ultimate Boot CD. This program is a collection of various programs or free applications that can be run via CD (Bootable) or USB Flashdisk.

    After burning the .iso file to CD/DVD, the first step in using it is restarting the computer to access the BIOS after pressing Del, F2 or F10 and changing the boot sequence for the first optical read from the CDROM. Then insert the Ultimate Boot CD into the damaged computer and restart the computer. After pressing the Enter key, the Ultimate Boot CD provides a way for the program menu.

    Choose one for hardware testing analysis, hard disk cloning and partitioning utility, low-level editor, antivirus and even a Web browser for DOS. Not to mention the collection of DOS and Linux boot disks. can also be booted directly from a USB Flashdisk.

    Seeing the various features that are included, this tool is very suitable, especially for computer & laptop technicians. In addition, for users who are already familiar with repairing their own computers or want to learn how to solve various computer problems, you can collect this program whenever you need them.

    Download the Latest Ultimate Boot CD

    • License: Freeware 
    • Developer: UBCD 
    • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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