Difference Between Inkjet and Dot Matrix Laserjet Printers

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About this time related to the difference between Inkjet, Laserjet, and Dot Matrix printers. As we know, Printer¹ is a tool used to display data in printed or printed form. Where, the results obtained from this printer contain text or images using print media such as paper, plastic, t-shirts, plastic, and several other types. Technological developments that accelerate printers appear in several types. 

Among them are Inkjet, Laser, and Dot Matrix printers. So, what is the difference between Inkjet and Dot Matrix Laserjet Printers? see reviews about printer.com about the following printer differences.

Difference Between Inkjet, Dot Matrix and Laserjet Printers


Laserjet Printer

Laser printer, or often referred to as this Laser. Where, this type of printer uses powdered ink or commonly referred to as toner and a printer called a drum. This printer has the same way of working as a photocopier so that the printouts dry faster. Laser printers have a better speed compared to Inkjet and Dot Matrix printers. 

Laserjret Printer
Laserjret Printer

In addition, this type of Laser printer is also simpler when compared to Inkjet printers. Because the price of Laser printers is more expensive when compared to Inkjet printers.

Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers are printers that use ink in a collection. However, this printout is not determined from the ink used but from the type of printer used. Ink This printer uses a type of dye ink that can produce good color prints but fade quickly. 

Inkjet Printer
Inkjet Printer

In addition to using printer-type dye inks, Inkjet can also use pigment inks that can produce quality prints and the colors do not fade quickly because they are more often used as water exposed to ultraviolet light. This type of printer is widely used because the price is cheap so it can easily be adjusted to the budget of many people.

Dot Matrix

Meanwhile, a dot matrix printer is a type of printer that uses a printing method with a ribbon. The prints produced by this printer resemble many dots but are interconnected and form a single letter or image. However, the printouts from the Dot Matrix printer are of poor quality. 

The print resolution is very low. Dot Matrix printers have a performance similar to a typewriter and can even print on several papers at once using carbon paper or continuous form. 

In general, this dot matrix printer only has 1 color, namely black. Because this printer has a low quality. Dot Matrix is ​​widely used in offices, industries, and supermarkets, to print report data, sales and several other documents. The operational costs for this Dot Matrix printer are also relatively cheap, making it easier for companies to use it.

Dot Matrix Printers
Dot Matrix Printers

After knowing the explanation above, it can be concluded that the difference between Inkjet, Laserjet, and Dot Matrix printers can determine the type of printer that suits your needs. Thus, it can reduce daily needs and do not require maximum print results, so you can use an Inkjet printer. 

Meanwhile, for friends who are active in the office and need fast printouts and don't need to bother, then use a laser printer type that has better print quality than other types of printers. 

Then, for those of you who are struggling in the business or other world and have to make reports, the debate option is to use a dot matrix printer. Because with this printer, it is able to make duplicate prints and cheaper operating costs make the printer use this. Thus information about the types and differences between Inkjet and Dot Matrix Laserjet Printers, may be useful, my friend.

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