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Download AirPlayer for Mac

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    Download AirPlayer for Mac

    The word AirPlayer might be new to you but the features it offers will surprise you. The AirPlayer is the feature offered by the iTools software. It is specially designed software for the mobile users. AirPlayer feature is built in the iTools software. 
    You can also get it separately downloaded on Windows and Mac PC.If we talk about the feature of AirPlayer, it allows you to play games, browse the web, view and edit all kinds of documents, preview images, watch videos, and more. through your computer screen. 
    You can easily mirror  your mobile phone screen to your computer screen for access. Playing iPhone and iPad mobile games on your computer screen will be a whole new experience for you. The AirPlayer download is compatible with  iPhone, iPad, iPod for mirroring with Mac PC and  Windows computers.
    By using it you can share your mobile screen, mirror the screen, record the screen while doing  computer operations and transfer pictures and videos from your phone your mobile to PC. You can use your mobile phone to remotely control the PC screen. 

    Benefits of using  AirPlayer 

    The Airplayer app is a snap-on application that allows you to manage your digital information on the go and share it with  others on any any device with  Airplayer software. In particular, accessing  mobile data on  desktop screens is simplified by downloading Airplayer. 
    Many times you want to see your mobile information on the big screen of your computer, but you can't because you don't have the right kind of application at that time.This is where Airplayer comes in handy for accessing all your mobile data on your computer screen. 

    Download AirPlayer

    We regularly update the app to make it better for you. Get the latest version of all available features of  AirPlayer for Mac. This release includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

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