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Download Genuine Registry Doctor for Windows

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    Download Genuine Registry Doctor for Windows

    Registry cleaners always make us a little nervous; too often they contain entirely too little information about what they're doing and the potential risks involved in tinkering with the registry. 

    Occasionally we encounter registry cleaners that do a particularly good job of helping users make wise decisions about their use, but unfortunately Genuine Registry Doctor is not such a program. Genuine Registry Doctor opened and immediately began scanning before we had a chance to even realize what was going on. 

    When the scan was done it listed the number of problems found in each of four categories--Registry Clean, Privacy Sweep, Junk Files Removal, and System Optimization--and then asked us if we wanted to "cure these right now." 

    The program has a brief online FAQ that doesn't go into any detail about what kinds of errors it finds and fixes. We finally decided to at least try fixing some of the Privacy Sweep issues, figuring that our browsing history in seldom-used Internet Explorer would be a safe thing to get rid of. 

    But when we clicked the Cure button, we got a message informing us that this version of Genuine Registry Doctor can only fix five errors at a time, and users must purchase an upgrade to be able to do more.

    Features of Genuine Registry Doctor
    • Scans the system searching for registry errors, unwanted files...
    • Includes a system boot manager, drive cleaner and other useful tools.
    • Simple interface.
    • Totally free of charge.

    Download Genuine Registry Doctor

    Recover your computer's best performance. Search for the system flaws that cause the errors, correct them and optimise the general performance, improving your computer's speed and stability once you have downloaded Genuine Registry Doctor for Windows free of charge.

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