Download Mah Jongg Wall for Windows

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Download Mah Jongg Wall for Windows

This variation of mah-jongg solitaire adds some random elements and power moves to the tile-removal game. Mah Jongg Wall sets up a mountain that resembles the traditional solitaire layout. You remove tiles based on the direction of the wind, determined at the beginning at the game.

If the wind is east or west, tiles must be free on the left or right side; if north or south, tiles must be free on the top or bottom. 

Instead of removing seasons by matching pairs, you swap them out for tiles on the Loose Tile stacks. Removed tiles build up as the Wall. Special moves include shifting a tile onto an adjacent shorter stack. 

Download Mah Jongg Wall

You can set a number of options, but have to choose between sound effects and music. That choice was easy, because our soundtrack was a short loop whose ends didn't meet tightly. 

While not stunning, the graphics were serviceable. Mah Jongg Wall spices up mah-jongg solitaire for jaded players.


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