Download Start Menu 8 Free for Windows

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Download Start Menu 8 Free for Windows

Windows eight and 8.1 return while not the standard begin howeverton just like the same package from the previous versions, therefore some users have a tough time accessing bound options and choices normally. 

begin Menu 8 is ideal for everybody as a result of it brings back the initial start button, within the same place as usual, with constant look because the previous version.

begin Menu 8 modifies the a lot of fashionable Windows interface so the pc opens directly on your previous operating system image. Your computer can have the same look as Windows 7, but with all the options of the newer version.

whereas it' meant to revive the Windows eight and Windows 8.1 start buttons, this program may also be used for Windows 7, XP, and visual percept if you furthermore may need to alter the beginning button in those versions. 

From the app' settings, you'll be able to change the looks of the buttons in varied ways, together with system icons and alternative fun pictures just like the very little pig or the V for feud mask.


A familiar interface: The Start button and menu has been a mainstay of Windows since Windows '95. In Windows 8, Microsoft decided to do something new, but the truth is that it is hard to adjust to something new after so long. Start Menu 8 resurrects that old interface to make navigation familiar again.

Stylistic options: Start Menu 8 lets you completely customize your new Start button. First, you can choose what you want the button itself to look like. You can either select a button that looks like the classic Windows 7 button, or opt for something more modern that looks like it fits in with the Windows 8 style.

Customized menu: When you walk through the setup process with Windows 8, you can select exactly what you want to have included in the menu. This lets you keep it basic and only include your most commonly used items, or comprehensive so you can navigate through your entire system from the menu. A great addition is the ability to incorporate a menu for your Windows 8 Metro apps.


Time to set up: The only real drawback is that it took a fair bit of time to set up exactly the way that we wanted it. A few presets or similar quick-start options might have minimized the time it took to get going.

Bottom Line

This program takes only a few minutes until you're returned to a more familiar interface. You can customize the menu exactly as you want, so you can either have a menu just like the one in Windows 7, or you can create your own customized option.

Download Start Menu 8 Free

Start Menu 8 is a Windows utility that bypasses Windows 8's tile-based Start screen interface, re-introducing the familiar desktop UI and Start menu from previous versions of Windows.


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