Easy Way to Clear Canon Error Code

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Easy Way to Clear Canon Error Code

Canon printer error codes can be tricky to fix. That doesn't mean that you can't run the printer again. As long as the printer is loaded with the right paper, has ink, and you have connected everything correctly, the printer will operate properly. Otherwise, the problem could be very technical.

Before you send the printer to a repair service, you can try to solve the problem at home yourself. Be careful not to take any action that could void the warranty. If you still have the manual that came with the device, you can find the warranty terms there.

Fixing a Canon printer with an error code can be relatively simple once you know how to diagnose the problem. Seputarprinter will help guide you through the steps you can take to fix Canon printer error codes. Here's How to Delete Canon Error Codes in full:

How to Clear Canon Error Codes

After selecting the document you want to print, don't forget to load the printer with paper, because it must be prepared. Canon printers generate error codes for one of several reasons:
  • Printer settings may not be compatible with the document to be printed
  • The paper loading bin may have a paper jam or you are using the wrong type of paper
  • The ink for the printer may be low and may need to be replaced
How do you fix this problem if you don't know how to identify it? Generally, all Canon printers display a specific number for the error code they get. With the error code, you will get a series of information that explains what the error is about or how it happened.

Steps How to Clear Canon Error Code

Fixing Canon printer error codes is simple but may require some self-checking and some handwork to complete. You don't need any special tools to fix the error code, so just follow these simple steps.

1. Check Number of Error Codes

In the box that appears on the screen, there will be a series of numbers with (or without) letters following the label “Support Code”. Check the error code number in the manual.
  • If you have a paperback user manual, look for the section that includes the error code. If you don't have a paper manual, you can find one online from the manufacturer.
  • Find the support code from the error. The error code should be listed in the manual.
  • There will be a message next to the error code in the manual describing the problem.

2. Checking Printer Error Source

There are usually three types of common error codes for printers that are frequently encountered: settings, jams, or ink cartridges. For printer setup errors:
  • Open the “Run” box: you can do this by holding the “Windows” key + “R” key on your keyboard. This will bring up a small box in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Type “control panel” in the bar and hit “OK”: Leave a space between the two words and don't include quotes.
  • Find Devices and Printers in Control Panel: After pressing “OK”, a large box will open with several menu items. Find “Hardware and Sound”. Underneath it, click “View devices and printers”.
  • Scroll down to find the printer and right-click for more options: After right-clicking on the printer in the menu, a small list will appear. Select “Printing Preferences”.

Here are some of the default settings for Canon printers, which will be changed according to the document you are trying to print. If the settings don't match the dimensions or the type of paper being printed, you may get an error code.
  • For paper jams: you will be able to find paper jams either inside the cartridge access door on the front of the printer or in the paper loading bin on the back of the printer. Paper jams are clearly visible when viewing wrinkled or torn paper.
  • For ink cartridges: you can find the cartridge type and the ink level in the cartridges in the printer settings. Follow the same procedure as before to find the printer settings, except this time right-click the printer in the “devices and printers” menu and select “printer properties”.

Click on the “Maintenance” tab and then click on “View Printer Status”: This will bring up a small box on the right side of the screen showing the printer ink level. The example is currently offline, so the ink level is not displayed. Otherwise, other information here will show the ink level. Now, we will go ahead and try to resolve the error code by solving the problem below.

3. Troubleshooting Canon Printer Error Codes

Since we've found the correct place to fix the error code, we can now go ahead and fix it.
  • For printer settings: you need to adjust the paper size, paper type (media type), paper source (location), and print quality in the printing preferences menu. When finished, click "OK".
  • For paper jams: you have to remove the power from your printer first. After doing so, you can open the ink cartridge holder on the front of the printer to take advantage of the jammed paper inside, you can also use the paper loading tray area to catch any nested paper. Carefully pull out the paper until it pops out.
  • For ink cartridges: If your cartridge is low on ink, you will need to buy and put a replacement back in the slot. Open the front panel of the Canon printer and find the two printer cartridges in their place. Push in the holder and lift to open the ink cartridge. Replace the ink cartridge.

How Bad Drivers Can Cause Printer Error Codes

While sometimes directly dealing with printer error codes, the printer driver software can also cause error codes to appear. Driver software may be difficult to repair if the wrong version is installed on your computer. Trying to remove the faulty driver yourself without expertise can result in more problems for the system and the printer. 

The driver software for your Canon printer is responsible for communicating information to the computer so that it can handle printing requests. If you are using an incompatible or outdated driver for the printer, an error code may appear mimicking the problem we mentioned above.

Often the operating system will try to replace outdated or missing drivers. The problem is that sometimes you get drivers that are not compatible with automatic updates. Often, after removing that driver, Windows 10 will automatically reinstall the faulty driver. 

An easy solution to fix this problem is to download drivers from reputable driver providers. Downloading drivers online from untrusted sources can result in viruses or malware infecting your computer, as well as the risk of downloading drivers that are not compatible with the printer.

Update Canon Printer Driver Automatically

If you want to avoid the frustration of operating system-provided drivers and virus-ridden downloads, consider getting your Canon printer driver software directly from Driver Support. Our premium driver software provides you with 100% legit and virus-free drivers for your specific Canon printer model with every update.

That's the tutorial on How to Delete Canon Error Codes that you can easily do yourself without requiring additional costs, hopefully this information from Erzedka.com can be useful and look forward to other interesting information.
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