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Easy Ways to Reset Canon Error 1700

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    For friends, Canon printer users, especially MG2570 users, of course, you have never fixed it. When you set up a printer that is connected to your PC, an error message 1700 appears and your printer cannot be used normally. One way to solve this problem is to reset your printer. This method will make the printer work normally again.

    Errors like this very often occur on Canon printers, you have to start getting used to doing this method. This is a very effective and quite powerful way to solve the printer error 1700 problem earlier. Canon printers, if this error occurs often, usually the old printer will be damaged or there are parts that ask for replacement parts. 

    How to Reset Canon Error 1700
    How to Reset Canon Error 1700

    However, you can do this method temporarily to solve this error 1700 problem. The following is information on How to Reset Canon Error 1700 which can be done easily.

    There are a few things you should prepare in advance, namely:
    • First, download the Service Tool application for Canon MG2570 which you can download on the official Canon website.
    • Use the printer with a PC or laptop and the printer driver has been installed so that the process can run smoothly.
    Canon Error 1700
    Canon Error 1700

    Stage 1:

    1. Turn off the printer and leave the power and data cables connected to the power supply and the PC.
    2. When the printer is off, press the Stop / Reset button while continuing to repair.
    3. While the Stop / Reset button is still pressed, press the power button while continuing to hold it.
    4. Then release the Stop / Reset button and the Power button is still activated.
    5. While the Power Button is still being fixed, now press the Stop / Reset button 4 times in a row.
    6. Then press the Stop / Reset button once again then release it at the same time as you release the Power button.
    7. A notification will appear on your PC indicating that the device found is new. Ignore it.

    Stage 2:

    1. Extract the file that you previously downloaded from the official Canon website.
    2. Put some paper in the printer to do a test print.
    3. The Pixma MG2570 Application Service Tool is portable so you don't need to install it. Run this app to start the reset process.
    4. On the delete ink counter menu, select "Main Black" and set it.
    5. Then on the absorber ink counter menu select "Main Color" then set.
    6. Click eeprom then your printer will print 1 sheet.
    7. Then look at the printouts from your printer. If the results are normal, it means the printer can be used again.
    8. The printer turns off and then on again. The printer is ready to use to score again.
    Those are the tips on How to Reset Canon Error 1700. This is one of the most effective ways to solve error 1700. Hopefully the information on How to Reset Canon Printer Error 1700 above can be useful for all of you. Dont forget to comment below..!!

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