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How to Adjust Color Brightness When Printing

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    In printing documents or data through a printer, one of the problems that many users experience is the printout that warns the color does not match what is fixed on the pc screen. How to print the printout is basically quite simple. 

    When printing data on the printer, the main factor in the print result is dots per inch or DPI, where this DPI is a combination of color dots that will produce hard copy prints according to what is in the soft copy. 

    The higher the DPI quality on the printer, the better the print results will be. However, the quality of the DPI on the printer is not the only factor that opposes the color and resolution of the printouts, while there are other factors that can also affect the quality of the printouts.

    How to Adjust Color Brightness When Printing
    How to Adjust Color Brightness When Printing

    If the printer that you have repairs the damage to the print results that are less than optimal, in this discussion it will be explained about how to print a printer to get maximum and quality prints on the printer. The following is information on how to Adjust Color Brightness When Printing.

    How to Adjust Color Brightness When Printing

    Before knowing about how to print a printout, there's something we want to find out first of the best out there, resulting in:
    1. The quality of the resolution that is less than the maximum on the printout, is approved because the print head is jammed or damaged.
    2. Damage to the paper pick-up roll so the printer can't pull the paper to get to the document.
    3. A paper jam problem has occurred where the printer paper is jammed. This can be repaired because the roller is damaged, or the paper selected is not suitable.
    4. Incomplete printing paper, Usually hanging due to a corrupted or virus approved drive
    5. Cartridge damage.

    To work around this problem, there are several color printer-approved methods. Basically, less than optimal print quality is caused by clogged ink in the print head, or printing ink that dries up. 

    This also affects the print results. For that, the solution that can be done is to use a secure print head. The method:
    1. Prepare a clean bowl with a size of approximately 200 ml.
    2. Fill a bowl with a tablespoon of alcohol, a drop of dish soap and stir.
    3. If needed, dip a cotton swab into the solution, then deposit it on the stuck print head. Using this solution will help to solve the ink blockage.
    4. The last step, clean the print head using a dry cloth, or cotton. How to safely print printouts using the print head. With a clean print head, it can help produce prints that match the colors and those on the PC.

    By looking at the explanation above regarding How to Adjust Color Brightness When Printing, my friend can read step by step to adjust the evaluation of the printouts of your printer. Hopefully the explanation from above can be useful for all of you.

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