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How to do the Vorrect Printer Head Cleaning

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    There is a way you can do to clean or clean the printer head properly. This method is to avoid damage to other parts of the printer or prevent damage to the head. The price of the printer head itself is very expensive, up to half the price of the printer. Therefore we need the right way to clean the head on the printer. 

    Many different types of printers nowadays but to clean them all the same way. For the purpose of head cleaning on this printer is to avoid overflowing ink, releasing the nozzle hole when the ink comes out of the cartridge into the printer head. Here we summarize tips on how to do the correct printer head cleaning.

    Tips for Doing the Right Printer Head Cleaning
    Tips for Doing the Right Printer Head Cleaning

    In addition, the Head Cleaning Printer is also used as a routine maintenance printer so that it can still be used for a long time. Here's how to do the head cleaning on the printer properly. you can do Head Cleaning Printer by using the software or using the manual method, to make it easier to use the software how to:
    1. Go to the start menu after that select the device and printer or you can click start, then select control panel, then select the device and printer.
    2. Select the printer device to be cleaned then right click and select properties.
      Select Printer Properties

    3. my friend will enter the printer properties window, go to the maintenance tab.
    4. On the tab you will see the options for “cleaning”, “deep cleaning”, and “nozzle check”
    5. you can do the cleaning step by step one by one.
    6. The printer will automatically use the paper as an indicator that cleaning is complete.
    From this process, the head will be cleaned from excess ink and clean the rest of the other impurities. In the answer you can see that there are "cleaning", "deep cleaning" and "nozzle check" options. 

    For a lighter cleaning option, the next is a more important head cleaning option for cleaning the head. the last option is nozzle check where the printer will decide and return you to the state of the nozzle. 

    Buddy can make periodic payments once or as needed because it will transfer several payments. Buddy, you can start doing this head cleaning when the print results are not good even though they are still optimal.

    In addition it is necessary when repairing errors on the computer that you need to clean the printer head. To clean with the steps above, there is a suggestion from a printer technician to provide a cleaning distance for a few minutes to avoid the cartridge becoming hot so that damage can occur. 

    That's a little information from  about how to do the right printer head cleaning which of course you can easily follow. Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful.

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