How to Fix Epson L120 Printer Lights Flashing Simultaneously

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Experiencing problems with the printer, of course, for those of you who use printers, you are already familiar. A flashing indicator on the printer is a message or code to notify the user or users of the printer that a problem has occurred, or that an error has occurred.

Before you fix errors on your Epson printer, especially the Epson L120 printer, you must know the errors that occur in your Epson printer. There are several types of errors on Epson printers based on their type, and here's How to Fix Epson L120 Printer Lights Blinking Simultaneously.

How to Fix Epson L120 Printer Lights Flashing Simultaneously
How to Fix Epson L120 Printer Lights Flashing

How to Fix Epson L120 Printer Lights Flashing Simultaneously

Finding this kind of problem, power light, paper indicator light and indicator light flowing together, really drains the mind to find the right solution to solve the problem of all lights flashing with this. This printer is surprising Epson L210 but all the lights are on together but when it is used for printing, the printer can print fine just can not be used for photocopying.
  1. The first action taken in this situation is to reset the printer manually by pressing the power button for about 5 seconds, then release it and press the power button again for about 3 seconds and release then press once on the power button, but this step does not work
  2. The second step that you can do is to reset the Epson L210 printer using the resetter software. In an attempt to repair the Epson L210 printer, which has a power, paper, and ink light, this printer was also unsuccessful. When the reset process runs, the paper indicator light turns off for a while and then reactivates as before
  3. The final solution must be to disassemble this Epson L210 printer, because of a problem with the hardware. For how to disassemble the Epson L210 printer, you can find a similar article printer with the keywords How to Disassemble an Epson L210 Printer or How to Repair an Epson L210 Printer.

Causes of Epson L120 Printer Errors:

Causes of blinking light on Epson printers Most L120 cause a lot of paper jams, the amount of waste ink is full (ink counter) or also requires resetting the ink (ink level).

In order to blink due to paper jam errors or due to mechanical interference, repairs are more focused on hardware such as mechanics, mainboards, and other components. Meanwhile, for flashing because it asks for an ink reset or because the waste ink on the computer reaches the maximum limit, then we will focus on how to solve the software

For the discussion in this post is how to solve the flashing or flashing light because the reset permission request (ink level) or the ink pad counter has reached the maximum of the Epson L120 printer.

To reset the ink level, it is very easy to reset it manually. This condition is usually indicated by flashing the ink indicator light (lit quietly) and the printer cannot perform the printing process. The way to solve this is as follows.
  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Press the resume button for about 5-10 seconds then release.
  3. Once the button is released on roll 2, the released ink indicator usually disappears immediately and the printer is ready for use.
  4. If after installing the 2 indicator lights are still on, try pressing again for 5 seconds then release, press again for 3 seconds, then release and press again for 1 second. The interval from pressure 1 to the next pressure must be fast.
  5. After finished using, this printer can be used again.
Those are the steps on how to fix the Epson L120 Printer, the Flashing Lights Simultaneously that we can convey at this time. If you have other ways to solve this problem, you can leave a comment below.

Hopefully this article can be useful and can help my friend in Repairing the Epson L120 Printer, Flashing Lights Simultaneously. Thank you for visiting and looking forward to the next article.

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