How to Overcome Striped or Dotted Print Results

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In the process of printing or printing, do print on documents that are printed to be streaky or dotted. This is what then makes many people want to know how to deal with dotted or lined printer printouts.

For friends who are solving printer problems like this, take a look at the narrative below which discusses How to Overcome Striped or Broken Print Results that you can follow easily, safely and also doesn't take a long time.

How to Overcome Printed Lines or Dots

There are several factors that occur in the printer that prints failed (printed with lines). This factor is of course important to detect, so that it can help printer prints are dotted or lined.
  1. The first factor in lined prints is a dirty encouder. One part of the printer that functions as a sensor printer is the Encouder. These are located on the back of a rectangular mica plastic cartridge that runs from the right end to the left end of the printer. If the encouder is dirty, splashes of ink are issued, then this is what prints streaky results.
  2. Factors from lined prints are also usually by printer ink that is clumped and dirty.
  3. If the user uses a hose printer, streaky prints appear due to a blockage in the hose so that the ink cannot flow optimally.
  4. Print failures are also corrected by damaged or damaged head cartridges so that they cannot print data optimally.
How to Overcome Striped or Dotted Print Results
How to Overcome Striped or Dotted Print Results

Here's a tutorial on how to deal with striped or broken prints:
  1. If the encouder is dirty, simply clean the encouder gently using a tissue. Or you can also pull out the encouder and soak it in warm water for a while.
  2. If the ink clumps, moved to soak the cartridge in alcohol water, then suck the ink on the cartridge.
  3. If the ink flow in the ink infusion type printer hose is clogged, do the cleaning by using a dumper that can help smooth the ink flow
  4. The possibility of a damaged cartridge can also increase the print output that is less than optimal. For that, my friend wants to replace the cartridge with a new cartridge, or it could be by changing the settings on the printer to high quality.

Based on the information that has been described above, of course, you already know about tips and how to deal with print failures that are completed with dashes or stripes. 

Based on this discussion, of course, my friend no longer needs to worry about streaky data. It is enough to analyze and look for print failure factors, which you can then update directly by overcoming the dashed or striped printer prints that have been described in the points above.

That's a tutorial on how to deal with striped or broken prints that can be conveyed about printers. Hopefully our article this time can help my friend in overcoming the existing problems. Hopefully useful and thanks for visiting!!

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