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How to Repair Epson Printer Bottom Roller

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    For those of you who have a printer, you should already know what a roller is. The roller is one of the spare parts on the printer that has a very important role. If this section is problematic, then the printer cannot print optimally. To repair the bottom roller of the Epson L Series printer will repair in this article.

    Previously, you need to know that the roller has 2 parts, namely the top and the bottom. The part that we will discuss is the lower roller because in many cases it is the lower roller that breaks down faster. In addition, the bottom roller also has more important tasks that need to be handled quickly when there is a problem. Here's how to fix the Epson Printer Bottom Roller that has been summarized about printers.

    How to Repair Epson Printer Bottom Roller
    Epson Printer Bottom Roller

    How to Repair Epson Printer Bottom Roller

    Now let's identify the cause of the problematic roller before going into the discussion on how to repair the lower roller of the Epson L Series Printer. In general, damage is not caused by misuse or user error, it takes a factor of time. Has a time roller. As time goes on, the roller starts to cause various problems.

    What do you think about printer problems like that? Again, the flickering sparks on the indicator light and during the printing process are frequent. If that happens, it means that it's time for you to check the bottom roller of the printer.

    Now let's get to the main part of this article. Each printer has different components and this article will discuss the Epson L Series with an example of the Epson L120. This method is generally accepted which is intended to also be applied to other Epson L Series. How to repair the bottom roller of the Epson L Series printer is as follows:
    1. Removing the roller from the printer body: The trick is to install the bolts on the back of the printer using a screwdriver. Then remove the ink reservoir, don't forget to close the ink shell on the printer tube, remove the new roller that is there.
    2. Check roller damage: Rubber roller and rubber to show the inside of the roller. Most of the damaged in the iron winding.
    3. Repairing roller damage: The trick is to use pliers. Pry the end of the loop slightly, pinch the other end of the loop and fold it using pliers.
    4. Reinstall the roller: After the damage is resolved, put the roller back in its original place as in the previous step.

    After the roller is installed properly, try running the printer and use it to get a document. If the problem is still found, remove the roller again and observe which part is damaged as received or the winding is broken elsewhere. How to Repair the Bottom Roller of an Epson Printer applies to Epson L Series printers and also to other types of printers, you can only put ink cartridges on different printers. 

    That's the information about How to Repair the Bottom Roller of an Epson Printer that can provide. Hopefully it can help and be useful. Dont forget to comment below about this articlee...!!

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