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How to Reset Canon PIXMA IP2770 Printer

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    Canon printers are still one of the prima donna users in Indonesia, one of which is the Canon IP 2770. In addition to an affordable price, the print quality is also not inferior to other types of printers in its class.

    For those of you who routinely print, they often run out of ink. Replacing the cartridge with a new one is considered very expensive, usually users prefer to refill or refill ink. 

    How to Reset Canon PIXMA IP2770 Printer
    Canon PIXMA IP2770 Printer

    The problem is, charging this way always fixes errors on your PC or laptop. This time around Printers will share How to Reset Printer IP2770, see more information below:

    The cartridge does not actually have an indicator of the amount of ink that is still in the cartridge, but the memory printer counts the amount of paper that has been added by the printer.

    For example, the number of sheets that can be printed by a cartridge is 100 sheets, then after the printer prints 90 sheets, the printer will send a notification that you have to replace the cartridge. If 100 sheets have been exceeded, the printer will ask that the cartridge is empty and must be replaced.

    So, even if you refill the cartridge by refilling it, the printer will not allow this and assumes the cartridge is empty. Most of the certain types of Canon printers you can update this and keep printing until it is damaged or clogged.

    In addition, the printer manufacturer is not entitled to the cartridges can get back their marketing techniques that make money from their consumable products (ink), not from the sale of printers.

    Therefore, if you are recharging by refilling, do a reset as follows:

    1. First Tip: Reset Without Software

    I managed to do this method on a Canon IP2770 printer which could no longer be used for printing because the printer applied the ink to the cartridge and it was completely finished.
    • Open Microsoft Word or whatever you can use to print. Perform printing as usual until the Printer transfer has finished appears;
    • After it appears, press the continue button for about 5 seconds until the orange light doesn't move anymore;
    • Then the printer will continue the printing process but no text is printed because the ink in the cartridge is empty;
    • Allow the printing process to complete then perform the deep cleaning process by pressing CTRL + P, select Properties » Maintenance, find Cleaning
    • Deep and do a Deep Clean then print the result;
    • Perform the deep cleaning step approximately 3-4 times until the printouts are clearly visible. Now try to use it to print again.

    At this point, the reset process is complete and you can print without appearing again. With this step you don't need to bother going into service mode and using the Canon printer resetter application.

    2. Second Tip: Reset With Software Resetter

    Before using resetter software, you need to enter service mode first, start up.
    • Turn off the printer and leave all cables plugged in;
    • Press and hold the Continue button for approximately 2 seconds then press the Power button together until the LED lights up (Resume and Power buttons are pressed simultaneously);
    • Now release the Continue button while the Power Button remains held;
    • While the Power button is fixed, use another finger to press the Continue Button 5 times, then the LED will light green to orange and last time will be orange;
    • After the LED lights up orange, release both buttons at the same time, the next LED printer will switch a few moments when it's green;
    • On Computer, your printer will be selected as the new device, ignore it;
    • So far, you have successfully entered the Canon printer service mode.

    After successfully entering service mode, download the ServiceTool_V1074.exe software; then run. Do the next steps in order.
    • Click Main » EEPROM Delete » EEPROM;
    • If so, turn the printer off and on again.
    • Until this process reset the Canon printer has been completed.

    Reset Printer IP2770
    Reset Printer IP2770

    3. Third Tip: Removing the Power Plug and Pressing the Resume Button

    If both methods above fail, try following these steps:
    • Turn on the printer, then open the printer cover until the cartridge moves and stops in the middle;
    • Disconnect the printer connecting cable to the electrical cover and close it again. This method will allow the printer to die;
    • Then reconnect the printer plug to electricity and press the ON button, the printer will be returned;
    • Long press Press resume for about 6 seconds, then release. Until later this printer will return to normal.
    Thus the tutorial on How to Reset Printer IP2770 that can convey. Hopefully this information can be useful and help my friend in resetting the printer. Good luck and good luck!! Don't forget to comment below about this article...

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