How to Reset Canon PIXMA MP258 Printer

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For friends, Canon PIXMA MP258 Printer users who fix printer problems that fix errors that usually cause the printer's LED lights to blink or get damaged and get an LCD code error message that requires the IC system reset process, then with this tutorial, hopefully it can help your problem.

Only a few error codes require a reset process, the common error codes are P07, E08, E13, E13, E16 and others. oh yes for some other types of error codes can be fixed without having to do a reset.

Printer Canon MM258
Printer Canon MP258

As usual, to be able to do the reset process using the Service Tool application, the Canon PIXMA MP258 Printer needs to be set in SERVICE MODE first and then reset using the Service Tool or Resetter application. For more details, here's a tutorial on How to Reset a Canon Mp258 Printer:

How to Reset a Canon Mp258 Printer

1. First Tutorial: Set Canon PIXMA MP258 to SERVICE MODE
  • The printer must be turned off and the power cord plugged in.
  • Press and hold the STOP or RESET button, then press the POWER button and hold it down. (Must Sort and make sure you don't let go right away)
  • Then release the STOP or RESET button but don't release the POWER button
  • After that switch to step press the STOP or RESET button 2x while the power button is still being held. (please note that in this process the power button must be pressed continuously, and the Stop or reset button is pressed twice)
  • Release the buttons at the same time. (Power and stop or reset buttons are released at the same time)
  • The printer will process for a while, then the LCD Panel will show the number ZERO (0) and the Computer will change to NEW DEVICE, Ignore it.
  • At this point, the MP258 printer is in SERVICE MODE and ready to be reset.

2. Second Tutorial: How to Reset and Use the Canon PIXMA MP258 Resetter.
  • Download Resetter, then Extract then run
  • Install at least 2 sheets of paper in the printer (this is for printing during the reset process)
  • Click "PLAY", wait until the printer finishes buying
  • Click "EEPROM Clear".
  • Then click "EEPROM", then print will print again
  • Printer Turn off, then on again in the usual way.

How to Reset a Canon Mp258 Printer
How to Reset a Canon Mp258 Printer

If all of the ways to Reset the Canon PIXMA MP258 Printer above have been done correctly and the Software Resetter is running well, I think your printer must be good again.

That's how to reset the Canon Mp258 Printer that can convey on this occasion. Hopefully the above tutorial on How to Reset a Canon Mp258 Printer can reset and fix errors on the Canon MP258 printer and of course can be useful for my loyal readers of Good luck, good luck! If you have another way, you can add it in the comments column below, thank you,,,

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