How to Reset the Epson L220 Printer

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Like the latest Epson l120, l210 printer brands before, lots of people use Epson printers, most of which require photo printing applications. Because the prints of the Epson L220 are very good, it makes many people interested in buying. The users are entrepreneurs in the printing sector. Because the price of the Epson L210 printer is quite high, many people who order to print ordinary writing are looking for a printer under the price of 1 million.

Every Epson L220 printer, the ink and paper lights are on at the same time, the lights are on and can't be reprinted. Printer means that it must be reset, resetting the printer must be returned to its initial settings by using a manual reset method or using an Epson L220 resetter.

How to Reset the Epson L220 Printer
How to Reset the Epson L220 Printer

How to Reset the Epson L220 Printer can be done easily. Please you follow the steps on How to Reset the Epson L220 Printer which has been summarized below:

How to Reset the Epson L220 Printer

First Tutorial: How to Reset the Epson l220 Printer Manually:
  1. Turn off the printer and unplug it for about 5 minutes
  2. After that turn on the printer, if it still fixes the error you can do it next
  3. Hold or press the resume button with your index finger hold for 5 seconds then release
  4. Press again, hold for 3 seconds and press quickly
  5. Then the printer resets manually and waits until the process is complete
  6. Do a test run with a test print or print a document

Second Tutorial: Using Resetter
  1. First download and install the epson L-220 driver here (if the printer diver is not installed).
  2. Both Download and Extract the Epson L220 Reset file.
  3. Next run the file "AdjProg.exe". How to Reset the Epson L220 Printer
  4. The fourth step Select Select and select our epson printer series.
  5. Fifth click “Purticular Adjustment Mode”.

  6. Sixth, select "Wast Ink Pad Counter" then click the OK button.
  7. Go to Check the "Main Pad Counter" box, then click the "Check" button.

  8. Eighth After rotating the Main Pad Counter max point and point, Click the “Initialize” button Click OK.

  9. Then turn off our printer and turn it back on then the printer will return to normal as usual,
Some other problems that occur on the Epson l220 Printer:
  • Eliminate the light signal that erases on the Epson L220, removes the blink on the Epson L220 printer. Based on experience when using an L220 printer, there are 2 blink errors that are often encountered, namely the ink Out Error described above, and the full ink absorber / full ink waste. For problems that require an ink absorber, use the Epson l220 resetter tool.
  • When I press the resume button for about 3 seconds, the head cleaning continues. This means that the printer is still in the Standby state. Printer ink is low, which means the ink quantity is below 5%, meaning the printer has not requested a reset. In general, if the printer has requested a reset, the printer cannot be head cleaning. The solution, wait until the quantity, the ink is returned at 0% and then start doing what has been described above.
  • Tried the method above but the red light d ink button keeps on. The printer must be reset using the Epson L220 Resetter Software.
  • Epson l210, 1350, l110, l300 and l355 printers power light and continue light with the ink light on continuously at the same time. The printer must be reset using the Epson L220 Resetter Software.

That's information about the tutorial on How to Reset the Epson L220 Printer that can convey. Hopefully this information can be useful, if you have questions or other tips, you can share them in the column below. Thank you for visiting.
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