How to Take Care of the Printer to Stay Durable

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As you know, the printer is an important device that is much needed by companies or agencies or for students. The rapid development of technology makes people struggle in the printing business. Starting from printing such as screen printing, photo printing, invitation printing, to printing for media and accessories. 

Currently the printing business does have very good prospects and is able to make someone more tempted to pursue it. By using a quality printer, the resulting printouts are also of high quality.

Printer is a tool used to print documents, be it images or text using media or other media. Printers with various brands that have different specifications and market prices. Of the many brands and specifications this will make it easier for many people to choose. 

How to Take Care of the Printer to Stay Durable
How to Take Care of the Printer to Stay Durable

This printer consists of several types of laser jet printers, inkjet printers, and dot matrix printers. Here, around the printer, we summarize some tips on how to take care of the printer to keep it durable.
  1. Use the printer regularly, so use it for the printer every day. Because by using a printer, the ink will still flow well, being able to wet the nozzle where the ink comes out. Get a printer periodically and do it to test the printer first.
  2. Keeping the printer clean, in addition to taking care of the printer, you also have to repair the printer regularly.
  3. At least twice a week. Keep the printer away from dusty places so use a plastic or cloth protector to avoid dust.
  4. Replacing printer ink, this must be done if the ink is about to run out. So, don't run out of ink because it can make the printer error. It should be considered to replace the cartridge part because this part is very sensitive so don't call the electrical part of the cartridge with your fingers. Clean using a soft tissue. This method will make the cartridge more durable and long lasting.
  5. Turn off the printer when not in use, after using do not forget to turn off the printer. Turn off the printer completely by activating the power button (on / off) on the printer machine. Do not turn off the printer by unplugging the power cable, but simply turn off the on / off button. Because by returning the power button, the printer will automatically repair the surface before the device turns off.
  6. Use clean paper, to print both text or images, you must use clean paper for this printer to stay durable. Because, compiling using dusty and dirty paper can make the pickup roll dirty and over time it will cause the printer to be damaged more quickly.
  7. Contact how to print, update you using smooth paper and insert neatly asked not to slip. Paper arrangement that is not neat will cause damage to the printer.
  8. Take advantage of the Clean Head feature in the printer properties regularly, this way to keep payments going smoothly.
  9. We recommend using approved refill ink so that the printer prints are still of high quality.
  10. It's better not to disassemble the printer case if you are not an expert, because a little mistake will cause damage. Do not select the cartridge chip by hand, because it can affect the flow of electricity and the components.

Those are some brief tips on some ways to take care of the printer to stay durable. These tips can be done by friends easily without requiring a lot of money. It is your creativity that can be used as a benchmark for whether or not the printer device is durable. 

So, as a printer owner, you have to consider how to take care of your printer using durable. The key is that this printer will remain durable when you are patient in taking care of it.

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