Reset Printer Canon iP2770 Without Software

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You will need this printer reset tutorial if the Canon iP2770 printer uses an infusion tube. The problem with using an infusion tube is that the ink on the Canon iP2770  cartridge runs out even though there is still a lot of ink in the infusion tube. Because the printer transfers the ink in the cartridges that have run out, suddenly you can print again and remove the ink by replacing the cartridges. 

Reset Printer Canon iP2770 Without Software
Reset Printer Canon iP2770 Without Software

If you like it, it feels like it's useless to modify it using an infusion tube. Then what is the solution? Read the Canon iP2770 Printer Reset tutorial without software further below.

Reset Canon iP2770 Printer Without Software

Actually, the ink released from the infusion printer is normal because the ink is in the infusion tube, not in the cartridge. If you can still print, it appears that the ink will run out, so ignore it. But if you remember saying that the ink has completely run out then you will not be able to print again. 

The solution, my friend, must reset the ink sensor on your printer. And here is how to reset the iP2770 that tried to do.

Tip 1: How to Reset iP2770 

There are two methods on how to reset the iP2770 that Erzedka has done, but only the last method has succeeded in making the canon iP2770  Erzedka printer able to be reused for printing without having to buy a canon iiP2770  cartridge. 

The first way to reset the ip2770 is make the canon iP2770  printer in service mode. How is:
  • Turn off the printer if the printer is already on
  • Keep all cables plugged in
  • Press and hold the resume button for less than 2 seconds and then press the power button until the green LED (2 buttons are all pressed)
  • Now release your finger from the resume button but don't let go of the finger on the power button, just hold down the power button first.
  • In the position of the finger still pressing the power button, use the other finger to press the resume button 5 times, then the LED will light up green orange alternately with the last flame orange.
  • After the LED lights up orange (press the power button 5 times) release the second button at the same time
  • After that, the Canon iP2770  printer led, my friend will flash a few moments then it will open green
  • On your computer, you need to approve the presence of new hardware, ignore it because you have successfully put your iP2770 printer into service mode and this is what you need to set up your canon iP2770 using a canon resetter

Tip 2: How to reset iP2770 without downloading canon iP2770 software

The second way to reset the iP2770 was successful. Erzedka uses it on the Erzedka printer which can no longer be used for printing because the printer uses the ink in the cartridge that has completely run out. The method is as follows:

First, open Microsoft Word or whatever to print, my friend. Do the pressure as usual, then a warning will appear that the printer ink has run out and you have to fill in the ink (the way to fill the Canon IP 2770 printer ink is to replace the cartridge which is very expensive). If it appears, then it's like that, then press the resume button for about 5 seconds until the orange light doesn't flicker anymore.

The printer will then continue the printing process but no writing will be printed on the paper because the ink in the cartridge is empty. It's okay to be calm, let the printing process finish, then when it's finished, deep cleaning or deep cleaning is done. 

The trick is to press control + p then select properties then select maintenance. There you will find deep cleaning options. Do a deep cleaning then print the result, repeat 3-4 times until the printed result is clear. Now try to use it to print again. 

By resetting the ip2770 printer, the printer can be used again to print and not appear again because it asks for the ink to run out, even replacing the ink will not appear. With this way of resetting the iP2770 , you don't need to bother going into service mode anymore and you don't need to download the cannon iP2770 resetter printer anymore.

Reset Printer Canon iP2770
Reset Printer Canon iP2770

Modified printers or printers require special maintenance that is more difficult than original printers without modifications. Some of the things you need to do on your Canon iP2770 main info printer are as follows:
  1. Turn on the printer every 2 days so it doesn't dry out
  2. Do not turn on the printer continuously for several days to avoid partial flooding. For example, the infusion tube that you are using is too big.
  3. Open the lid of the infusion tube which is at the top when it is used to spin it can be rotated so it can be sucked by the cartridge
  4. Do deep cleaning repeatedly if not I don't want to go out when I use it for gifts
That's the information about the Canon iP2770 Printer Reset tutorial without software that can be conveyed about printers. Hopefully this information can be useful and help my friend in solving the problem. Don't forget to comment below about this article...

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