Tips for Choosing the Right Dot Matrix Printer

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One of the printers that is also widely used in the office is the Dot Matrix printer. This printer is different from ink printers in general because it uses pin needles in the document, for the printouts are usually black just because they are made of black ribbons.

Some of you must know about the Dot Matrix printer. To buy is also not arbitrary because there are special tips in buying a Dot Matrix printer. These tips will help you in choosing a Dot Matrix printer that suits your needs. Here's how and Tips for Choosing a Dot Matrix Printer:

Tips for Choosing a Dot Matrix Printer

Tips for Choosing the Right Dot Matrix Printer
Tips for Choosing the Right Dot Matrix Printer

Needle Pin On Dot Matrix

This pin is useful for buying documents. These pins are made of very thin needles that will pierce the ribbon so it can be used black on paper. There are two types of needle pins on the Dot Matrix printer, namely 9 pins and 24 pins. 

The difference is from the thickness and the resulting speed. When viewed using the eyes of the printout, there are more Dot Matrix printers with 24 pins faster than 9 pins even though they both produce black and white.

Indeed, for the price of a 24 pin Dot Matrix printer, it is more expensive than 9 pin. you need to adjust to the needs of your work. For everyone who uses a printer, Dot Matrix, receiving legible text is good. So to determine whether you need a 24 pin or 9 pin Dot Matrix printer, it depends on you.

Printing Paper Type

To buy, usually a Dot Matrix printer requires an NCR type of paper where there is already a hole for the required paper movement. This type of paper is indeed different so that the purchase remains straight and the paper is avoided from bending. In some printers, Dot Matrix has functioned as being able to print the paper continuously up to one ream.

Ribbon Price

Each Dot Matrix printer is different from the size of the printer to the ribbon used. Many small Dot Matrix printers use ribbons that are slightly expensive. Some that affect the high price is the durability of the tape against the number of characters added and the thickness of the difference in the resulting characters. Ribbon prices are expensive if you use a Dot Matrix printer that has thick print. In addition, the future of the tape is also very expensive.

Dot Matrix Printer Needle
Dot Matrix Printer Needle

Special Features

Some Dot Matrix printers have special features such as bulk printing paper. The point is that there is a place at the bottom and the top of the printer that can load paper, so you don't need to put the paper in and reinstall it, you just need to move the lever between printing from below or printing from above. this feature is only available in some Dot Matrix printers.

Those were some tips for choosing a dot matrix printer from around the printer that can be conveyed this time. Hopefully this information can help you in choosing and determining which dot matrix printer to buy. Hopefully this information can be useful. Dont forget to comment below..!!

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