Canon iP2770 Printer Error 5B00 Cannot be Reset

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Canon Ip2770 Printer Error 5b00 Cannot be Reset – Printer is a tool used to purchase documents. This tool is certainly very vital for those of us who are required to work fast every day. The first development of the printer did require a fairly large space or space, but now, printers can be more compact and the speed of value is even faster.

However, sometimes the printer has a problem that we don't expect, whether it is not printing or the connection from the computer is not being read by the printer or vice versa. actually we can see a lot about the printer, for example through the indicator that flashes a certain amount.

Canon iP2770 Printer Error 5B00 Cannot be Reset
Canon iP2770 Printer Error 5B00 Cannot be Reset

This problem is common with all types and brands of printers, such as Canon, Epson, HP, etc. Because every printer has the same durability as the LCD. and from their respective side will send this if the printer has any error or is damaged by providing resetter software.

On this occasion, will discuss how to solve the Canon iP2770 Printer Error 5b00 Cannot be Reset. Check out the full review below:
how to handle it is the same as the error on the Canon IP2770 printer. if you get a message like the one above, surely your printer will not work. along with this, the printer indicator light will turn off (blink) periodically. easy to carry, this can be overcome by using software belonging to the Canon IP2770 printer resetter. we can also say this by flashing the printer bios which is not printing. following steps:
  1. Plug the printer with electricity (but don't turn it on)
  2. Press the RESUME button for two seconds
  3. When activating the RESUME button, my friend presses the POWER button until the indicator light turns green
  4. Then my friend release the RESUME button (POWER button remains in press status), and my friend presses the RESUME button again 5 times (remember 5 times, press and hold press and hold)
  5. Then release the two RESUME and POWER buttons at the same time, the indicator light will turn on and turn green
  6. Usually the computer will change the new device, but you can ignore it
Error 5B00
Error 5B00

In this process, your Canon ip2770 printer is in service mode. you can reset the printer so that the printer can return to work. The next step is to extract the resetter file that you downloaded earlier. then run the resetter program. don't forget to also put a few sheets of paper to reset the printer.
  • Press the MAIN button as shown above, the printer will print with the result "D = 000.0"
  • Then press the EEPROM button as shown in the second step in the image. it will say “TPAGE (TTL = 000000)” this indicates that the Canon ip2770 printer has been successfully reset.

Try turning off the printer now and restarting it. some documents, now test your Canon by printing apply as usual. I hope this article can help solve the problems you have. Good luck trying to solve the Canon Ip2770 Printer Error 5b00 Cannot Reset, good luck!
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