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Epson C45 Drivers Download

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    Epson C45 Drivers Download - Epson C45 carries inkjet technology in printing text and graphics. Targeted sprays of ink in microscopic sizes on the surface of the paper offer quality assurance that is worth the price paid to own an Epson C45.

    Each drop of ink is ejected into an ink dot through the application of several printing techniques, while the ink is delivered by a series of cartridges that have been carefully designed to make installation, management and replacement easier.

    Advantages of Epson C45

    One of the technologies that is relied upon in the Epson C45 printer is RPM (Resolution Performance Management) technology. This technology is basically intended to improve print quality without compromising the printer's printing speed too much.

    Epson C45 Drivers Download
    Epson C45

    The print quality is also supported by the Epson Advanced Error Diffusion technology which is the development of the conventional Halftoning technique. This technique is commonly used by newspaper and magazine publishers to save on printing costs.

    The way it works is by spreading ink dots on paper by following a certain pattern. The volume percentage of each ink dot is intentionally varied to create color gradations. The smaller an ink dot, the thinner the color it produces on the paper. Speaking of ink, there are two sets of ink used on the Epson C45, namely the black Epson T038 and three Epson T039 in three different colors.

    According to an official statement from Epson, the ink for the Epson C45 printer is the result of an innovation called Quick-Dry ink, which offers advantages such as a high penetration rate, more brilliant color reproduction, and long-lasting ink durability so that print quality is not fast. fade.

    Epson C45 printer ink can be replaced whenever you want. No need to wait until the ink is completely exhausted. Suppose you intend to print in large quantities while the cartridges are running low, you can temporarily replace them with ink that is still full for the printing session, while the remaining ink can be used for other printing sessions that do not require a lot of ink.

    Cartridge contents can be monitored at any time via the PC screen. That way you can immediately find out which cartridges are about to run out and prepare to replace them.

    Download Driver Epson C45

    To spread ink on paper, this printer with product code C11C575041 is equipped with a print head whose nozzle configuration consists of 48 nozzles for black, 15 nozzles for cyan, 15 nozzles for magenta, and 15 nozzles for yellow.

    The price of the Epson C45 printer is cheap, but don't expect much for its speed in printing documents. Even though draft mode is enabled, this printer can only process about 12 pages of memos per minute. This speed can decrease again in everyday use which is not uncommon to have to print a document that contains a lot of text. Download the latest and free Epson C45 driver via the link below:

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