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Epson L6460 Drivers Download - Epson does not seem to be running out of ideas to continue designing printers with qualified specifications and features, after the great success of presenting the EcoTank feature printer device. Now, Epson is back with a series variant that is unique in terms of design, and is cost-effective.

Through this Epson L6460 series, Epson again provides an interesting experience for its users, in using printer devices. This smart and multitasking printer, you can use for high printing activities, thus making the Epson L6460 very suitable for use in the office.

This Epson L6460 series printer is also designed with a very unique shape, you will see that there are two levels and are connected by two main poles in its design as a support. Very unique and different from other Epson series printers.

With this design, the Epson L6460 printer is very easy to place anywhere, with its compact size making this printer very suitable to be placed on an office desk because it does not use a lot of space.

Features of Epson L6460

The Epson L6460 has a more compact and modern design, even this design is considered a new innovation from Epson. This design combines the functionality and luxury of the Epson L6460 printer series, where at the top serves as a scan area and at the bottom serves to print documents.

Epson EcoTank L6460 Drivers Download
Epson EcoTank L6460

The Epson L6460 is also equipped with an Ink Tank feature with a more compact design, and you can also refill the ink yourself when it is close to running out. So, it is very efficient to be used by anyone. More specifically, here are some other interesting advantages of the Epson L6460 that you need to know before buying, including:

Wi-Fi Direct

You can connect the Epson L6460 using a wireless network, or Wi-Fi. With this, you don't need to be in direct proximity to the printer to be able to connect, using only a Wi-Fi connection you can connect without the need to use a USB cable.

Print Speed

The Epson L6460 is able to print your documents at a very stable speed, which is capable of printing documents up to a speed of 17 ppm for normal use, and 9.5 ppm for use using colored ink.

Heat-Free Technology

The Epson L6460 still uses anti-heat technology from Epson, which can maximize engine performance when used, also extends the life of the printer because it does not use excessive heat during use.

Luxury Design

The Epson L6460 is designed with a different look, where you can see the printer display is much more luxurious and elegant. So, this printer is very suitable for use in the office and at home.

Download Driver Epson EcoTank L6460

1. Download Driver Epson EcoTank L6460 Driver Printer

2. Download Driver Epson EcoTank L6460Scanner

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