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Epson L15160 Drivers Download | Windows & Mac

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    Epson L15160 Drivers Download - This time we will again discuss one of the interesting and cool printers from Epson which constantly brings interesting features in it. One of these printers is the Epson L15160, this printer is indeed equipped with high print quality, and minimizes excessive spending on their products.

    Another advantage offered by the Epson L15160 is the All in One feature. This feature allows you to use three main functions in one device only, by using the Epson L15160 you will enjoy various interesting features such as scan, print, and copy.

    So, using only one device you can easily copy documents using the scan feature and save them in PDF format, you can also easily print documents both text and images with high print quality, and lastly you can easily copy physical document and directly reprint the document using the Copy feature. Unique right?

    Features of Epson L15160

    Epson L15160 is here to support high productivity, especially for those of you as employees and students who need a multitasking printer device and have a high print speed, then the Epson L15160 is the answer.

    Epson L15160 Drivers Download
    Epson L15160

    The Epson L15160 has been equipped with powerful features that minimize Low Cost, where in the use of its own ink, the Epson L15160 has been equipped with an EcoTank which is more efficient in the use of ink, not to mention the EcoTank design which is more minimalist than the previous Epson printers.

    The three main features, namely Print, Scan, and Copy, allow you to be able to work more multitasking with just one device, for those of you who are interested, here are some powerful features of the Epson L15160.

    Print Resolution

    Epson L15160 comes with high print quality, using this printer you can print images and text up to a maximum of 4800 x 2400 dpi. This resolution is very high so it is not surprising that the print quality of this printer is very good.

    USB & Wi-Fi Connect

    You can easily print files using any connection, if you are using a PC you can easily connect the device using a USB cable, and if you are using a mobile phone you can print using a mobile phone by connecting it using a Wi-Fi connection.

    Elegant & Lightweight Design

    The Epson L15160 is considered to have a minimalist and simple device design, besides the weight or weight of the Epson L15160 is only about 26 Kg, light for the size of an All in One printer.

    Paper Support

    Epson L15160 comes with more paper support when printing, here you can print on paper with sizes A3+, A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5, Tabloid, Legal, Letter, Half Letter, 5×7″, 4×6 , 3.5×5″; Envelopes: #10, DL, C6, and C4. The Epson L15160 is also capable of printing images up to 6 meters long.

    Epson Heat-Free Technology

    The Epson L15160 comes with the latest technology from Epson, where you can print with more efficient use of power. The Epson L15160 will consume 18 watts of power, and in Sleep mode it will only consume 0.9 watts of power. The Epson L15160 will minimize the use of power and excessive heat.

    Download Driver Epson L15160

    Epson L15160 driver. Printer, scanner and fax installation software. Operating systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Apple macOS 11.0 – 10.12 / Mac OS X 10.11.
    • Category: All-in-One with Fax.
    • Software: Scanner, fax and printer driver installer.
    • Available languages: English, others.

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