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Epson L475 Drivers Download - The Epson L475 is a reliable printer that you can use for your printing needs in the office, the advantage of this printer is that it is equipped with a variety of the latest technology from Epson. And can work with high pressure, for example used to print documents using more than one device. Interesting right?

The Epson L475 has other advantages, for those of you who have a business business and employees in it. Of course, several printers are needed to support their needs, but by using the Epson L475 you can save more costs. This is because the specifications provided by Epson for this Epson L475 series, support being able to connect with more than one user.

Epson L475 Drivers Download
Epson L475

Epson always delivers quality and reliable products, including the Epson L475 series that you can use for heavier daily printing needs. The good news, the Epson L475 is maximized by adding a series of advanced features and technologies.

Epson L475 Features

Talking about the features in the Epson L475, this printer provides access to interesting features and makes daily printing activities easier in the office. This is based on Epson's experience in developing their printing machine industry which is now increasingly widespread.

The Epson L475 has a modern and attractive design, elegant to place on a work desk, and has an LCD. This LCD will display various characters, when you use other features.

Don't forget, the Epson L475 series is included in the multifunction printer series that has more than one feature. By using the Epson L475, you can maximize the printer to be able to print documents, scan and copy documents more efficiently.

Interested in using the Epson L475? Check out the other features below:

Connectivity: Now, you can connect with Epson L475 using a more stable and flexible connection. The Epson L475 supports connections using a WiFi wireless network.

Ecotank System: Print documents and images with the best results, but with the use of ink that is much more efficient. This printer has these advantages thanks to the Ecotank feature from Epson, the Epson L475 has used the latest design that is anti-spill and shock from the ink tank.

Ultra-low Cost: You can also use ink power that is much more efficient in using the Epson L475, thanks to their technology, the Epson L475 can print up to 7,500 pages of mono documents, and 4,500 pages of color documents.

Download Driver Epson L475

Epson L475 driver. Printer and scanner software download. Operating systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP / Mac OS X.
  • Category: All in one Wi-Fi printer.
  • Hardware: Epson EcoTank L475.
  • Software: Scanner and printer drivers.
  • Language: English / Portuguese / Spanish.

1. Download Driver Epson L475 For Windows
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

2. Download Driver Epson L475 For Mac
  • Mac OS X – (Intel & PowerPC)
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