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How to Fix a Canon MP287 Printer that Won't Print

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    This time we will give tips on how to repair damage to the Canon PIXMA MP287 Printer with Error Codes displayed on the Canon MP287 Printer such as Printer Out of Paper, Jammed Paper, Out of Ink. Having problems with the printer will certainly hamper the activities you are doing and this will be detrimental. 

    Therefore, this time around Printer will summarize some of the problems and solutions to overcome them. You can see the full tips and tutorials below that you can easily do yourself. Here's how to fix a Canon Mp287 printer that won't print what you can do:

    When an error occurs on the Canon MP 287 Printer the alarm light turns yellow and will cause a Letter E for Error with an error code such as E 02, E05, E 08 and others or also accompanied by a Letter P for Power with an Error code such as P 02, P10. So after displaying the error code on the LED then check the Error Code on the Canon MP 287 Printer.

    How to Fix a Canon MP287 Printer that Won't Print
    How to Fix a Canon MP287 Printer that Won't Print

    Canon MP 287 Printer Error Codes And How To Fix and Troubleshoot Canon MP 287 Printer;

    Error Code E

    • E02: Printer Out of Paper, paper does not run properly
    Solution :
    1. Reload Paper properly.
    2. Check if anything is blocking the paper entry
    3. Check the paper roller whether it is working properly or not
    4. Check the paper sensor reader next to the paper roller, if it is damaged, replace it immediately

    • E04: Cartridge cannot be recognized

    Canon MP287 cartridge not installed properly

    Solution :
    1. Remove Cartridge,
    2. Clean, keep plugging in again
    3. Remove the cartridge and clean and then reinstall it.
    4. Replace Cartridge 

    • E08: Ink absorber is almost full, Ink absorber is almost full
    Solution :
    1. The printer needs to be reset by software
    2. Press the STOP / RESUME button until the indicator display continues and shows the number 1
    3. Button-resume-canon-mp287

    Error Code P

    Solution :
    1. Check the printer roll, If any foreign objects enter
    2. Clean the encoder
    3. How to Fix a Canon Mp287 Printer that Won't Print
    4. Repairing a Canon Mp287 Printer that Won't Print

    • P03: Feed line error
    Solution :
    1. Check disk sensor time
    2. Check and clean the mainboard

    • P05: ASF sensor error
    Solution: Replace one of the parts: ASF sensor unit

    • P06: Internal temperature error (overheat)
    Solution :
    1. Clean the inside of the printer,
    2. Clean the sensor on the cartridge,
    3. Change board

    • P07: Full absorbent ink
    Solution : Reset the printer with the program

    • P08: Printhead temperature rise error (head overheated, over limit)
    Solution : Change Cartridge color

    • P09: EEPROM Error
    1. broken EEprom board,
    2. Change board

    • P10/B200: uncertain fault due to general part failure
    Cause: The cartridge was left empty and was used for continuous printing. As a result heat and damage occurs in one of the following components: Logic Board / Carriage Unit / Second Cartridge.

    Solution: Replace any of the above components from the easiest and cheapest order.

    • P15: USB VBUS over current
    Cause: The printer is overloaded with the Canon MP287 Printer USB cable.
    Solution :
    1. Try Changing the Canon MP287 USB Cable Printer.
    2. If it is still damaged, replace the Canon MP287 Printer Board.

    • P20: Other hardware errors
    Solution : Other hardware damage

     That's the information about the tutorial on How to Fix a Canon Mp287 Printer that Won't Print that we can provide, hopefully it can be useful and help friends around printers in repairing Canon Mp287.

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