How to Overcome the Epson L120 Printer, Flashing Lights Alternating

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For those of you who have an Epson printer that links or indicators are for those of you who no longer need it. The indicator that plays on the printer indicates that there is a message or code for the user who has no problem. 

Paper jams are caused by paper jams, Ink Waste Counter (Ink Waste Counter) or you can also request an ink reset (Ink Level). For paper jams due to flashing or mechanical problems, then you have to repair hardware such as mechanics, mainboards, and other components.

Now, while for flashing because it asks for a reset or because the waste ink on the counter has reached the maximum limit, then how to solve it, we only have to focus on that one point to the software part. Here we summarize a tutorial on how to solve the Epson L120 Printer, the Lights Blinking Alternatingly:

How to Overcome the Epson L120 Printer, Flashing Lights Alternating
How to Overcome the Epson L120 Printer,
Flashing Lights Alternating

How to Overcome the Epson L120 Printer, Flashing Lights Alternating

Perhaps the discussion of this article is increasing because the ink requests a reset (ink level) or the waste ink on the table has reached the maximum limit of the printer, especially the Epson L120. 

For those of you who want to reset the ink level and an easy way to reset the Epson L120 manually, this is usually equipped with a light indicator on (the ink is silent) and the printer will not be able to print. For this problem there is a way to solve it, ie.
  1. Turn on the Epson L120 Printer
  2. Press the resume button for about 5-10 seconds and then release
  3. Once you release the button, the released ink indicator light will disappear and the printer will be ready for use.
  4. But if you have tried the 2 methods above and still not activated, try for more than 5 seconds then release. And press again for 3 seconds then press 1 second again the interval from pressure 1 to the next pressure must be fast and not fast.
  5. Maybe now you can use the printer again.

Now for those who question Flashing because it is a waste ink that has reached its maximum limit, use it easily by using the toll adjustment help that is specifically suited to the printer model.

In this case, the indicators that will appear are lights and print paper that has been moved since we started the printer. In addition, generally there is a computer directly connected to the printer, for example, the service is reset, see the following method
  1. First, you have to download the customization of the program first.
  2. Once you download it, you have to extract the file
  3. After double clicking on the L210.exe file and of course the program tone and selecting the Specific Adjustment Mode menu.
  4. Definitely use an alias for the next menu, because we're just going to reset it here, so we're just selecting the waste ink pad menu.
  5. Now on Waste ink menu on Counter, aka two tone options i.e. Check and Initialize. This option is an option for the waste ink counter pad whether it has reached the maximum limit or not.
  6. While Initialize option is to reset the ink pad counter to Zero (0) Before choosing to optimize or check, don't forget to select the main pad counter first. For more details, remember the image below.
  7. Don't forget, we have to check the prime counter first. For more details, you can search on Youtube. If you receive a Pop Up message then simply click OK and immediately turn off the printer.
  8. The final step is to turn the printer back on and the blinking answer is still there.
  9. If there is no Flashing because the exhaust ink is full of indicators and the ink indicator light changes, then there will be wallpaper and function because this printer will be normal and ready to be used again.

Thus the tutorial on How to Overcome the Epson L120 Printer with Alternating Flashing Lights that can convey. Hopefully it can be useful and if there are suggestions or other ways, my friend can write them in the comments column, thank you..

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