How to Overcome the Epson L220 Printer Ink Light and Paper Flashing

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The Epson L220 printer uses cartridges with an infusion system and is also equipped with a scanner. However, for printers with the L220 series, the speed is compared to its predecessor L210 series. Physically, mechanically, the components and printer of the L220 Mainboard are the same as the Epson L210. 

The only difference is the firmware on the EEPROM. Because in terms of mechanics and other constituent components are the same as the Epson L210, the repaired printer is the same. This time around printers will discuss some of the problems that often occur and also how to fix them. For complete information, here's a tutorial on the Epson L220 Printer, Flashing Ink and Paper:

How to Overcome the Epson L220 Printer Ink Light and Paper Flashing

Epson L220 Printer Flashing Ink And Paper

Before discussing the Epson L220 printer tutorial, here are some things that often happen:
  1. The printer is turned on, such as the PF or roller (which functions to move the paper forward), the printer will continue to rotate, then after that the printer ejects a paper jam.
  2. Cartridge problem.
  3. Power indicator and paper indicator flashing,

Based on the number of questions that arise, we can predict that there is an error regarding the entry of the paper. This can be seen from the PF part of the roller that continues to rotate if any paper is pulled then there is actually no paper passing through the PF roller. 

As we know, the US will play a compilation of paper that is rotated by the paper sensor when the printer is in the printing process. Thus it can be denied that there is a problem in this section, namely the entry of paper.

1. Remove the scanner part of the Epson L220 printer

The first step is to disassemble or remove the printer parts. To remove it, unscrew one of the screws on the left side of the printer (seen from the back of the printer). Withstand this first try because the printer is not under warranty, because it will automatically break the seal and burn the printer warranty.

2. Unpack the Epson L220 scanner parts

After we unscrew the top bolt, the next step is to open the scanner by lifting the right side (no. 1) and then sliding it to the left side until it locks on the left side (no. 2) (see image below)

  • The flexible cable that connects the scanner to the mainboard printer, it is carefully crafted to prevent damage to the flexible cable. After the left and right parts are removed, the attached cable has not been removed. So hold down the scanner part (don't drop it), then continue forward.

3. Disconnect the Epson L220 flex cable

Still holding the scanner, please remove the part marked with an x ​​in the image below. To remove it, first unscrew the bolt with the number 1 then press on the left side (arrow number 2) after that it is released from the holder. The case marked released, removed from the left side, removes the flexible scanner by carefully pulling it back.

4. Find everything around the paper

The printer part of the printer has been successfully removed, the next step is to find the error results on this Epson L220 printer. Based on the description above, the problem is about the entry point of the paper. So we headed straight for that part.

View of the circled section in the image below. This section is where the L220 printer is used. In this section, check for dots such as pens, staples or pieces of paper that are loaded into the print area while the printer is printing.

Maybe that's what I can convey in this post, hopefully it will be useful for visitors to this technique and blog.

The above discussion is about fixing paper jams, for common errors related to other components such as problems with asf roll down, and so on. For this damage is usually read in the following post.

That's information about how to solve the problem of the Epson L220 Printer, Ink Lights and Flashing Paper that you can follow easily. Hopefully this article can be useful, good luck and good luck!!
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