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How to Reset Epson L1300 Printer Easily and Safely

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    The Epson L1300 is one of the Epson L Series printers, which are still many fans because it provides many features in it. In addition, this printer is sold at a price that is not too expensive with many friendly features. 

    However, almost all printers will inevitably have a number of problems that must be fixed by resetting the printer with the application.

    How to Reset Epson L1300 Printer Easily and Safely
    How to Reset Epson L1300 Printer Easily and Safely

    Surgery Printer has many questions related to Reset Epson L1300 which of course can be shared with a lot of time, we will only share them with a reset request. For Resetter we use software that is very safe and does not damage your printer so you can use it. Here's a tutorial on how to reset the Epson L1300 printer that you can easily follow.

    Reset Epson L1300 Printer

    Before we discuss how to reset the Epson L1300, you should know the initial symptoms where when your L1300 printer asks to reset, it is treated with a "Service Required" warning. This is because your printer has entered the printing threshold provided by the factory. So, when my friend wants to print the printer rejects and has to be reset again.

    The first time when you have to reset the Epson L1300 is when the printer will print but rejects it with a red light which is a warning and there is a warning on the monitor screen.

    Steps to Reset Printer Epson L1300 series:
    1. Turn on the printer and connect the USB cable
    2. Download Resetter Epson L1300
    3. Extract files
    4. Open AdjProg.exe – Accept
    5. Specific adjustment mode
    6. Ink pad counter – OK
    7. Give Main Pad Counter and FL Box Counter checkboxes
    8. Click Check – OK
    9. Click Initialize – OK
    10. Finish and then close the adjustment program Epson L1300
    11. Turn the printer off and then on again.

    Epson L1300 Features

    • Print Up To A3 +
    With the L1300, you have to print documents up to A3+ size. This opens up possibilities for superior presentation of detailed CAD drawings, floor plans, business reports and graphics that go beyond the capabilities of a typical A4 printer.

    • Amazing Savings and Page Yield
    The high capacity integrated ink tanks and genuine ink bottles are very affordable at only Rp. 135,000 each adding up to even greater savings. With a starter kit bundled with 5 bottles of Epson Ink, the L1300 delivers up to 7,100 pages (black)*.

    *Special results extrapolated based on Epson's original methodology from simulation patterns given in ISO/IEC 24712. These results are not based on ISO/IEC 24711. 7100 pages are based on results from two bottles of black ink.

    • Designed for High Productivity
    The L1300 has advanced printing features to achieve fast print speeds of up to 15ipm (black).

    • Print Quality
    Designed for continuous printing performance, the renowned Micro Piezo™ printhead is not only extremely reliable in operation, but also delivers an extremely high 5760dpi resolution. 

    When paired with Epson-formulated original inks, the L1300 delivers exceptional high-quality prints for all your business and creative needs.

    • Media Flexibility
    The L1300 is equipped with a feedback tray that accepts a wide variety of print media, including heavy paper, photo paper, envelopes, labels, and more allowing you to easily accomplish all kinds of printing jobs.

    • Hassle-free operation
    Epson's original ink tank systems are designed for smooth, uncluttered operation in enterprise and SOHO environments.

    • Brilliant Quality. Ongoing Value.
    Epson genuine ink bottles are individually sealed to ensure the purity of their contents and formulated to provide exceptional high-volume print quality with L-Series printers. Choose genuine Epson ink bottles to enjoy long-lasting quality with your L-Series printer and low printing costs.

    • 1 Year Warranty for Peace of Mind
    Enjoy a one year warranty of 30,000 prints coverage, whichever comes first, for the maximum value from your printer and free of maintenance worries.

    That's how to reset the Epson L1300 printer, which can be discussed, and can be useful and beneficial for all of you. Please practice on your printer that has been asked to reset.

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