How to Reset Ink Levels on an HP Deskjet Printer

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When you refill your HP color ink cartridges, you also need to reset the cartridges. Each HP color cartridge contains a chip that communicates with the printer. When the ink in the cartridge becomes low, the chip prompts the printer to display a low ink warning. This warning will still be displayed after you refill the cartridge. Resetting the chip takes about two minutes. 

This manual reset, when combined with refilling used cartridges, can save you money as well as make it worse for your printer which constantly warns you of low ink levels. Here are tips and tutorials on How to Reset Ink Levels on an HP Deskjet:

How to Reset Ink Levels on an HP Deskjet Printer
HP Deskjet Printer

Method 1: reset the ink levels on the HP deskjet.
  1. Remove the black and color ink cartridges from your printer.
  2. Press the 'On' button on your printer to turn it on, wait 20 seconds, then turn it off. Let the printer turn off completely. Repeat this step five times so that the HP cartridge identification information is erased from the printer memory. HP printers typically store identification information for the last five ink cartridges used. This will make the printer 'remember' the last 5 cartridges as 'none'.
  3. Reinsert the cartridge in the printer. Print a test page to make sure the cartridge level system is reset.

Method 2: A full reset of the printer should also be performed:
  1. Remove the cartridge and unplug the printer.
  2. Hold down the power button for 30+ seconds. Then let go.
  3. Connect the printer and reinstall the cartridges one by one.

Method 3:
  1. Remove the cartridge and on the 2nd contact column from the left, place the adhesive tape over the top contact in that column.
  2. Reinsert the cartridge in the printer. A message may appear that there is a problem with your cartridge. Ignore that. Print an alignment page.
  3. Remove the same cartridge from the printer when the alignment page is complete.
  4. Do not touch or remove the tape originally placed on top of the cartridge. Now take the adhesive tape and place it on the 2nd column from the right, at the top contact.
  5. Insert the cartridge into the printer again. Let it be detected.
  6. Remove the cartridge from the printer one more time, and remove any adhesive tape.
  7. Reinsert the cartridge in the printer. Print the alignment page again and the ink level will appear full.
  • Try refilling your ink cartridges when they are half empty. This prevents the chip from communicating a low ink warning to the printer.

Warning :
  • When installing the cartridge on the contacts, make sure that only the contacts are closed.
  • Be careful removing and inserting the cartridges when there is tape attached as they can come off and jam in your printer.
Those are tips and tutorials on How to Reset Ink Levels on an HP Deskjet that you can do easily. Follow each step in order and stay careful. Good luck!

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