How to Share Printers Via Wifi, Easy Printer Sharing Tips!

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How to share a printer using wifi access is something that computer users need to know. In general, the existence of printers is usually less than the number of computers owned and used by several people, for example, employees in offices. 

Now you don't need to copy files to a flash drive or bring a computer/laptop to connect to the printer when you want to print documents. Currently there is an easier way, namely printing using wifi access which you can do easily.

Currently, most buildings or offices must have wifi access. Therefore, make sure the computer or laptop that you are using is connected to the wifi access so that you can print with wifi via the sharing method.

How to Share Printers Via Wifi, Easy Printer Sharing Tips!

Before printing using wifi, there are several settings steps that you have to set first. Check out the following tutorial How to Share Printers Via Wifi:

1. Connection to Wifi

First, prepare some supporting equipment such as Wifi access, a computer or laptop that is connected directly to the printer and also a printer. If everything is available, then the next step follow the steps below:

Connect all computers or laptops to the same wifi access. Make sure when you connect your laptop to the access point to select Home network in the Set Network Location settings menu. In this way later my friend can create a Homegroup network via wifi access. Next Homegroup which will manage the communication between the computer and the connected printer.

2. Prepare the Printer

Before proceeding with printer sharing settings, make sure you have prepared the following:
  • Printer drivers that are already installed on your computer/laptop.
  • The printer's usb cable has been connected to the computer/laptop.
  • Computer/laptop connected to wifi.

3. Sharing Printers

  1. Check the wifi connection on the computer by hovering the mouse over the notifications area, then clicking on the wifi signal icon. If an exclamation mark appears, it means that wifi access is having problems.
  2. Set Set Network Location on the computer, make sure you select Home network in the Set Network Location section. First click the wifi icon in the notifications area, then click on Open Network and Sharing Center. After that, the Network and Sharing Center window will appear. It shows the Network Location used for the current wifi connection. In order to share printers via Homegroup, you must be on the Home network. To change the Public network to Home network, you can follow these steps:
      • Click the link that says Public network
      • Then in the Set Network Location window click Home network.

Home Network
Home Network

Creating a Homegroup Network

In the process of creating a Homegroup, you will be asked to make sharing settings in the Homegroup and check the printer mark Then click Next, wait a moment until the Homegroup creation process is complete. After the formation process is complete, you will get a password for the Homegroup. This password will be used by the computer when it will join the Homegroup. Be sure to note down the password.

Printer Settings On Computer / Laptop

The next process is to set up the printer and to make sure the printer on the computer is connected, you can see it on the Devices and Printers menu in the Control Panel. Follow these steps:
  1. Click the Start button on the right of the Taskbar
  2. Then select it and click on Devices and Printers.
  3. There should have been a new printer added which is a printer that is directly connected to the computer. Try to check if the printer connected to the server computer is visible.
Sharing Printers Via Wifi

Now it's time to do a test print by following the steps below:
  • Right click on Printer which is in the homegroup.
  • Then Click on Printer properties.
  • Then the Properties window of the printer will appear.
  • Open a document and try to print.
  • Done..

That's some information about how to share a printer via WiFi that has provided. This method can be done easily and quickly, right? With the sharing feature, you can now share printers easily. 

Hopefully all the information above can be used as a reference for friends who want to know how to share a printer via wifi. Hopefully this article is useful and good luck, my friend!

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