How to Solve the Canon iP2770 Printer Orange Flashing Lights

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Maybe my friend has experienced problems when printing suddenly the orange and green lights on the Canon iP2770 printer change. This can be annoying, especially if you have a lot of work to print. In dealing with this problem, we must remain calm. Because there is always a way to solve the problem and you can save your printer so it doesn't end up in the warehouse.

Printers that have a lot of damage can be seen from the indication light that is on. For that, my friend must understand what these indicators mean before, the damage that occurred to your printer. The following is information on how to solve a Canon iP2770 Printer with Flashing Orange Lights that you can easily follow.

How to Solve the Canon iP2770 Printer Orange Flashing Lights
How to Solve the Canon iP2770 Printer
Orange Flashing Lights

How to Overcome the Canon iP2770 Printer Orange Light is Flashing

Some indicators of the Canon iP2770 printer are as follows:
  • The printer light is on Orange 7x Green 1x. It could be that the color cartridge is repairing the damage.
  • The printer light is on Orange 5x Green 1x. There is damage to the color cartridge or the black one has been damaged.
  • The printer light is on Orange 8x 1x. The ink tank is getting full.
  • The printer lights up with Orange 14x / 15x Green 1x. Black cartridge repair malfunction.
  • The printer light is lit with 4x Orange Green. Your friend's printer uses a complete Printer Absorber, how to fix it by doing a reset with the General Tool Resetter reset tool.
The ink tank is getting full

Indicators sometimes turn on compilation. my friend just filled the ink. It can also happen that when the printer runs out of ink. If your printer is damaged by ink, it is not damaged. The printer requires that the one that was previously out of stock is filled. 

Or do you remember that the printer is out and needs to be returned. Here are some steps to complete the indicator that keeps increasing due to ink:
  • If the indicator is on, you can reject the old resume, about 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Open the cover of your printer.
  • When the cartridge is ready to be removed, remove the cartridge.
  • Reinstall your cartridge.
  • The printer turns it off, then turns it on again. Before turning off the printer, reopen the printer that you opened earlier.
  • Each printer will return to normal if you do the steps above.

To reset the printer with the General Resetter Tool software in this article I have not listed it, but for the manual method by pressing the light indicator on your printer, you can follow the steps below.

Steps to Manually Reset Canon iP2770 Printer:
  1. The printer is OFF the first time or off.
  2. Next, continue button Continue / Orange color light and Hold. Remember the orange glow is retained.
  3. Then press the Power/Green button and Hold the light. So the Orange and Green buttons are squashed or held down.
  4. Then release the Orange Color button and keep holding/pressing the Green Color button.
  5. Then press the Continue button / Orange light 6 times. namely 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Hold. Make sure to log in, both buttons with everything.
  6. Then release both Orange and Green buttons at the same time.

After the above steps in sequence and right, plug in the printer light, the button that only lights up is the Power / Green light only. And change the printer light, my friend is still changing alternately, repeat the above steps correctly. 

And if it stays on, there is a chance that your printer adapter can repair the damage and replace it with a good adapter, it works for Canon printers.

This post is easy to read by reading, all the bright spots to solve the iP2770 Printer problem. If you still have problems with your printer, leave us a comment, hope this helps, if you take it straight to the service. Hopefully the information about How to Solve the Canon iP2770 Printer Flashing Orange Light can be useful, good luck!

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