2 Ways to Use HDD Regenerator for Beginners

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What is HDD Regenerator? HDD Regenerator is an application that is used to repair or regenerate damage to a hard disk (bad sector hard disk). The hard disk has a very important role on a laptop / computer, namely to store data on the computer, such as photo files, music, audio, video and the operating system of the PC.

Like other devices, the hard disk can also be damaged which will cause the application process to be slow, data is difficult to use/access, can disrupt the stability of the computer operating system, even worse, your data will be lost and hard disk failure occurs. In short, this damage will result in the hard disk not responding to read or write requests from the user.

2 Ways to Use HDD Regenerator for Beginners, Very Easy

There are two types of bad sectors on the hard disk, namely hard bad sectors and soft bad sectors, the following are the factors that cause these two types of bad sectors.

Cause of Hard Bad Sector on Harddisk

  • Hard drives have started to wear out due to age.
  • Hard disk that is too hot / overheating
  • The hard drive is physically damaged due to being dropped/crashed or shaken.
  • Unstable electricity.
  • Other hardware that is worn and affects hard drive performance.
  • The hard drive is dusty and some sectors are damaged.
  • There is a virus or malware on the computer/laptop
  • The liquid on the SSD flash memory may have dried.

Cause of Soft Bad Sector on Harddisk

  • The hard drive is infected with a virus or malware.
  • The computer doesn't shut down properly, in other words it shuts down forcibly or shuts down unexpectedly.

Well, to overcome bad sectors on the hard disk caused by internal factors, you can use the HDD Regenerator application which you can download freely on the internet. This application will help you repair a damaged hard disk without changing the data on the hard disk so that the stored data will be the same as before. For further explanation, let's see the explanation below.

How to Use HDD Regenerator

The interface of the HDD Regenerator is very simple and human friendly because it is easy to understand even for ordinary people. How to use HDD Regenerator? Here below is the explanation.

How to use HDD Regenerator

1. Bootable Method

  • Download the HDD Regenerator application on the internet.
  • Install HDD Regenerator on your computer or laptop.
  • Open HDD Regenerator on your computer/laptop.
  • To repair bad sectors on the hard disk, you are advised to choose a bootable method, namely by using a flash drive or using a CD/DVD. The trick is to select one of the options in the main HDD Regenerator window such as Bootable USB Flash or Bootable CD/DVD. Here, I choose Bootable USB Flash. (Insert the flash drive that will be used first to your computer)
  • Here, I select the flash / flash drive that I will use to make the boot. Click OK.
  • Then, click OK to delete and make a boot on the flash / flash drive.
  • Now, select the Yes option to restart the computer/laptop as well to boot from the flash drive
  • During the restart process, enter your BIOS, open the Boot tab, then set the boot to a flash drive that will be used to regenerate the hard drive.
  • Next, select and enter option 1 or 2 to continue regeneration. Option 1 is to scan the flash drive while option 2 is to scan the hard drive.

hard drive

  • Enter the options for the method to be used.
    • Number 1 to scan and repair the hard drive.
    • Number 2 for scanning only.
    • Number 3 for regenerate all sectors in a range.
  • Then enter the nominal megabyte, just press M on the keyboard then Enter and the process will run. Wait until the process is complete.

2. Through Active Windows

1. Download the HDD Regenerator application on the internet.

2. Install HDD Regenerator on your computer or laptop.

3. Open HDD Regenerator on your computer/laptop.

4. Here I will regenerate the flash. You do this by clicking "Click here to repair physical bad sectors xxxx" meaning that regeneration is carried out directly in Windows. HDD Regenerator

5. Here, I chose a regenerated flash/flash drive. Click OK.

6. Enter the options for the method to be used.
  • Number 1 for prescan (only to know bad zones)
  • Number 2 for scanning with or without repair.
  • Number 3 for version info
  • Number 4 to display statistics
Here, I want to know only bad zones, so I choose option 1.

7. Wait until the prescan mode is finished.

That's a discussion about how to use HDD Regenerator. Well, hopefully the discussion that has been described above is useful and good luck. Thank you!

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