Easy Ways to Overcome Printer Cannot Pull Paper

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Various kinds of problems related to the core discussion of erzedka.com this time have been collected and the most frequently searched for is "Paper does not load or the printer seems to run out of paper when in fact all the paper has been loaded" that is the factor that often confused by printer users, especially those who are new to using.

The problem of errors with printer media in the form of paper that cannot run normally as in the normal printing process is a common thing, and readers don't need to be too confused and conclude that the printer is damaged and cannot be used, because actually there are several main problems that often occur. Occurred which resulted in the printer not responding to the paper media so that the printing process could not occur.

Usually a printer that can't pull paper is usually caused by a few trivial things, but there are also fatal problems that may occur due to inappropriate use or the long life of the printer.

Usually for trivial problems such as the problem of the position of the paper being misaligned, foreign objects stuck in the paper entry access, so that a fatal problem could be a dirty or weak roller.

How to deal with a printer that can't pull paper

Easy Ways to Overcome Printer Cannot Pull Paper

To deal with the printer unable to pull the paper, please follow the steps below.

1. Align the paper before printing

Paper that is not aligned or skewed often makes the printer jam during printing and causes the printer to not be able to pick up the paper. Therefore, when loading sheets of paper on the printer, first you need to tidy up and align the edges of the paper, you can slide the paper clamps on the left and right sides of the paper sheet to the center so that the paper remains in a straight and parallel position.

If the paper is straight and parallel, please try printing as usual, make sure also that the stack of paper you want to print is not too heavy or exceeds the paper load limit that can be accommodated. If the printer still can't pull the paper, then please try the 2nd and 3rd methods below.

2. Clean Printer Rollers

Dirty printer rollers due to paper dust that sticks often make the rollers become clogged and in the end can cause the printer to not be able to pull the paper or jam. To overcome paper dust that sticks to the printer rollers, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1

Turn off the printer first, then unplug all printer cables connected to the computer or laptop, both the usb cable, and the power cable.

  • Step 2

Find out where the roller is, if necessary, open the printer cover, then remove the roller slowly/if it can't be cleaned right away.

  • Step 3

How to clean it can be with masking tape/solation or with a wet cloth. With tape you need to coat the roller with tape in areas where there is a lot of paper dust attached, preferably just one layer so that it is not difficult to remove.

If with a wet cloth, you only need to rub and wipe the part that feels dirt & dust.

  • Step 4

Gently remove the tape from the roller, then all the paper dust that sticks to the roller will be removed, and the roller will come back clean as new.

  • Step 5

Reconnect all printer cables, then turn on the printer.

  • Step 6

Prepare a sheet of A4 size paper, then please try printing as usual.
Usually after the roller is cleaned, the printer is able to pull the paper.

Turn and shake the printer

3. Turn and shake the printer

The third way to deal with the printer not being able to pull the printer is by turning the printer upside down, this method is very effective and I have used it many times before and it always works.

  1. To solve the printer can't pull the paper, the first step you need to do is disconnect all cable connections to the printer, both USB and power cables, besides that you also need to make sure there are no open ink connections / ink tubes, so that there is no spillage.
  2. Next, please hold the printer in an inverted position, then please shake the printer for 30 seconds. This trick can remove objects that are stuck in the printer such as pens, staples, or paper clips without having to remove the roller from inside the printer.

If all the steps on how to deal with difficult paper pulling in the printer above, you have done but the printer is still stuck and can't pull the paper, it means that the cause of the problem other than the above or maybe the roller on your printer must be replaced with new one. 

This problem is quite difficult to explain because there are so many possibilities for each brand and type of printer.

My recommendation is, if the printer still has a short lifespan (not more than 2-3 years), just take your printer to a trusted printer service center around your city, or take it to the official service center for the printer brand in your city, hope it helps, thanks..

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