The difference between Retargeting and Remarketing

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The difference between Retargeting and Remarketing

Retargeting vs remarketing are terms that we will find when running a business and doing marketing. However, the two digital marketing terms are sometimes confused. Even though they have the same goal, you should know that the two are different.

Knowing the difference between retargeting and remarketing is very important so you know what to do later to achieve certain goals. If that's your goal for reading this article, check out the full review of these two important terms in marketing!

Definition of Retargeting and Remarketing

Before discussing what are the differences between retargeting and remarketing, it would be better if you first find out the meaning of each of these terms. Here are the reviews!

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a marketing strategy with a focus on getting customers back by placing online advertisements for them. After someone visits the website and takes action, you can store cookies in their browser as information which will later be used for retargeting purposes.

Then, the ads you target will appear on the websites they visit. Indirectly, you can increase brand awareness to potential customers through this strategy.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a marketing strategy with the main focus being email campaigns that aim to re-engage customers who have interacted with them. Maybe there are customers who have visited the website or have even had time to add a list of shopping items to their cart but have not made a payment.

Remarketing can be used to regenerate customer interest in the product or service you offer. Why is that? Actually, at first they are interested in what you have to offer but they need a strong push to take the final action, which is the purchase.

You can do remarketing by sending emails containing the products you are selling so that they re-engage to make purchases. Remarketing is done by using email as a marketing medium. This means that you also have the opportunity to experience some of the advantages or advantages of email marketing.

Benefits of Retargeting and Remarketing

It is true that the end goal of retargeting and remarketing is the same. However, you should also know that retargeting vs remarketing has its own benefits. Curious, right? Here is the full review so that you understand better that you really need these two marketing strategies.

Retargeting Benefits

Understanding the difference between retargeting vs remarketing means you also have to know what are the benefits of a retargeting strategy. Here are some of the benefits you can get after implementing the right retargeting strategy.

  • Increase Ad Relevance

One of the benefits of retargeting is increasing ad relevance. How could that be? Those who have visited your website will see advertisements related to products or services on your website when they visit other websites.

This will make them curious and then choose to view the ad by clicking on it. You can design a strategy like this together with a team of digital marketing experts so that the pattern can be achieved quickly.

  • Provides Insight into Conversion Percentage

Retargeting is able to provide insight into the percentage of conversions. This will help marketers to gain more knowledge and details regarding the conversion percentage used to increase the number of potential customers.

To be able to achieve the expected goals, you must first know and master marketing psychology so you know how to find potential customers who you can then turn into loyal customers.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

When retargeting, you can also increase brand awareness. The more often people see your product advertisements, the more they will know the existence of your brand. So that more and more people will trust and choose the product or service that you offer.

  • Increase Sales

The next benefit of retargeting is to help increase the number of sales which also means increasing revenue. That way, you will get more customers with a wider target audience.

Need Google Ads services to increase sales to meet expectations? Check out the following tips for choosing a trusted Google Ads service in Indonesia so you don't choose the wrong one!

Remarketing Benefits

Like retargeting, remarketing is also a marketing strategy that is widely used by marketers. This is because remarketing can provide a number of benefits, such as:

  • Increased Customer Reach

You can increase your customer reach and this is the benefit of a remarketing strategy. If previously visitors did not make a purchase, they will then be interested in choosing your product or service after remarketing.

Marketing strategy has an important role for potential customers to be able to enter your website to browse products or even make a purchase directly.

  • Maintain Relationships with Customers

Maintaining relationships with customers is a challenge. However, you can do this through a remarketing strategy. They will return to choose your product because they always remember your brand.

Thus, you can include everyone who is interested in buying products or services from your brand into your remarketing target. So that the ad will be displayed to the target consumer.

Examples of Retargeting and Remarketing Strategies

Retargeting and remarketing are important strategies in marketing. If you are still confused about how to differentiate between the two, here are examples of retargeting and remarketing that might inspire you:

  • Retargeting Strategy Example

What distinguishes between retargeting vs remarketing is the strategy used. Here are some examples of using retargeting strategies that you can try for your business.

Implement and install Facebook Pixel to your website to track visitor activity and behavior while on your website.
Create Google Display Ads with coupons related to products that have been seen by website visitors.
Place advertisements so that visitors see the products they have chosen on your website when they visit other websites.

  • Example of Remarketing Strategy

Like retargeting, remarketing certainly has its own strategy so you can achieve your goals. One thing you have to remember is that remarketing is done via email. What email should you send to reach the goal? Here are some examples of using remarketing strategies.

Provide promos or discounts for products or services that customers have previously selected.
Offer new products that relate to previous purchases.
Remind customers that they have items still in their shopping cart.
Promote products or services that complement previous purchases.
Giving coupons or vouchers to customers who haven't made a purchase in months.
If you want to learn how to do marketing via email, you can read this article about email marketing. 

The difference between Retargeting vs Remarketing

Interested in remarketing search ads? Eits, wait until you know when you really need remarketing. That is why the difference between retargeting and remarketing is very important to know.

Then, which one is more appropriate for you, is it retargeting or remarketing? Actually, it all depends on the market segmentation you use and the goals you have. The difference between retargeting vs remarketing lies in the marketing strategy that will be used.

Retargeting uses advertising to reach those who visit websites or social media and take certain actions. Meanwhile, remarketing uses email to reach loyal customers or customers who have already made a purchase.

Still confused about the difference between retargeting and remarketing? You can choose one of these strategies in different conditions.

 Choose Retargeting If:

 Choose Remarketing If:

Want to focus on attracting new customers

Want to focus on retaining existing customers

Have high website traffic but low conversions

Have a limited budget for advertising purposes such as Google Ads

Don't have an email list of potential buyers

Already have a promising email list



Tips for Retargeting and Remarketing

Tips for Retargeting and Remarketing

If you feel that you need retargeting and remarketing, this means you can't just choose one of them. In order to get maximum results, try doing some of the following retargeting and remarketing tips.

Tips for Retargeting

Everyone who runs a certain marketing strategy definitely wants to get maximum results. In order to increase the number of sales which also affects increased revenue, here are some tips for retargeting:

  • Do Ad Experiments

Start retargeting by regularly conducting ad experiments. For example, you can place your first ad within 2-3 days. If the results show improvement, you can add ad duration at a later date.

  • Update Ads

To do more optimal retargeting, don't forget to update your ads. You can try this method every month so customers don't feel bored with the form of advertisement they see.

The ad that you make must be attractive and look persuasive so that people will be interested in knowing what products or services are in the ad.

  • Target Customers Correctly

In order for the ad to be on target, you must have a target so that the ad is only shown to the intended target audience. Do this by looking at carts, contact forms, and visitor statistics.

Tips for Maximizing the Remarketing Process

To maximize the remarketing process that is carried out to match sales targets, you can do some of the tips below.

  • Group Customers with Common Interests

Apart from targeting customers who have visited the website and made a purchase, you can also group those who have the same interests.

For example, if they are more interested in promos or discounts, you can send them a message in the form of a promo or discount so they are interested in buying your product.

  • Making Analysis

The next tip is to make an analysis by conducting experiments related to customer experience. Use tools like Google Analytics so you can find out website performance. As a result, you can maximize the number of visitors.


From the explanation above, you already know the difference between retargeting and remarketing. To choose the right marketing strategy, try to adjust it to the needs and goals of the marketing that you have.

You can even do both of these marketing strategies but make sure they both get the same attention so that the results will be felt.

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